Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Under “Integration”/“Diversity”/Whatever, the Most Trivial Public Acts Put Whites’ Lives in Danger

In December 2007, Sarah Kreager thought she could pay her fare, mind her own business, and ride a Baltimore city bus in peace. At least nine racist black high school students refused to permit her to sit down, and when she found a seat anyway, beat her almost to death. Unwittingly underscoring the racial motivation of the attack, the mother of one of the Kreager’s assailants lied and insisted that Kreager had called them “niggers.” City officials also lied, in denying that the attack was racially motivated.

Christian Haley Prince at Yale, circa 1990: Murdered by a racist black on the edge of campus in 1992 for the crime of walking while white

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By Nicholas Stix

Like Sarah Kreager, the reader in previous item, Christian Prince and me, millions of whites have endured racially motivated hate crimes committed against them by blacks, and virtually every white of every station in America knows at least one white who has been so victimized. In many areas, racist blacks will not so much as tolerate whites walking out of their front door.

Much of the time, white victims don’t even waste their time reporting the crimes to racist police departments (white cops are often no better than racist black and Hispanic affirmative action hires), and in those cases that are reported, the authorities and the media almost always lie, in denying that the attackers’ motivation was racial, no matter how transparent it was, even when the perps shouted racial epithets at the white victim. Meanwhile, the authorities constantly charge whites with “hate crimes,” even when the white was a crime victim. It’s gotten so bad that middle-class whites who, in a previous generation would have lived and died without ever being crime victims now accept being violated by blacks as an inevitable part of life.

Of course, according to America's laws, one can defend oneself against such attacks--with lethal force, if necessary. But then the entire machinery of the totalitarian, racial socialist state comes down on one, like a ton of bricks.

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