Sunday, July 21, 2013

Barack Obama, Trayvon Martin, and the Four Dirty Little Secrets of Black America (My New VDARE Column is Up!)

Sybrina Fulton, c, her son, Jahvaris, l, Al Sharpton, r, et al., at July 20, 2013 rally for injustice in Manhattan
By Nicholas Stix

The title alone functions as a teaser; read the whole thing here.

(The truth: I’m too tired to do more; I’m hitting the sack early tonight.)

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PropagandistHacker said...

you wrote:
"white racial socialists"

Socialism and economic leftism in general has NOTHING to do with the multiculti/anti-white culture that controls the white collar professionals in america. That multiculti/anti-white culture has EVERYTHING to do with 1) cheap labor 2) dividing the populace into as many factions as much, thereby making it hard for the populace to unite against the plutocrats.

Haven't you noticed? The corporations, which are owned and controlled primarily by the upper class, LOVE multiculti/anti-white culture. They created it!

Guess what? The rich are ANTI-socialist. Socialism means NO PRIVATE PROPERTY. The rich who control america have no intention of allowing socialism. But they love multiculti/anti-white culture.

When are you paleocons going to get this through your thick heads?