Thursday, July 18, 2013

Radishmag and Unamusement Park Have Shut Down

By Nicholas Stix

They (he?) did tremendous work. I only recently heard of Radish, but had been following Unamusement Park since the get-go, and had wondered how long “Unamused” could maintain such a level of sardonic brilliance.

They’re still there. Download everything here and here, while you still can.

I hope to again read the author(s), though surely under other noms de guerre.


Unknown said...

Well, um, actually, the thing is...

we haven't

countenance said...


Hold the presses. Unamused has promised to resume blogging in both blogs, and he has a new post at Unamusement Park today.

Speaking of blogging, I haven't experienced much adulation for my little slice of the blogosphere from somewhere in Brooklyn (?) lately. Shameless plug. And just at the time when I had a huge gift dropped into my lap with deseg getting hot here in St. Louis again. Mine is apparently the only medium in this town who was uniquely advantaged to pounce.