Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wikipedia and the Knoxville Horror: Pretend Encyclopedia Thread Nazis are So Rabid That After Six Years, They Even Censor the “Discussion” Page, to Ensure That Readers Learn as Little as Possible about Racist Atrocity!


War crime victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

The five known war criminals responsible for the violation and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. This was the only picture of the five handy. Two additional black rapist-killers were identified by DNA in semen they had left in Channon Christian's panties, but have yet to be named. Whoever put together this photo display did no research on the case, as attested to by his repeating the Internet hoax perpetrated by neo-Nazi/FBI informant Hal Turner, according to which the victims were sexually mutilated.

[See also, by N.S.: “Wikipedia on Race: ‘World’s biggest encylopedia’ serves up propaganda” (American Renaissance exposé)]

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Two of the many thread Nazis who have for years ensured that the Knoxville Horror entry presents as little of the truth as possible, Evanh2008 and Dougweller, are now even censoring the entry’s “talk” page, which is not kosher, according to Wikipedia. Then again, the wikithugs always violate their own rules. Rules are for the little people!

The censored section follows:

If you want to learn the truth about this racial hate crime, you’re at the wrong place

For real coverage of this atrocity, go to, and type “Knoxville Horror” in the search box. Not only will you find photographs of the victims and perps [which have been repeatedly censored at Wikipedia], respectively, but you’ll find exhaustive coverage of the crime, ensuing trials and retrials, and judicial scandals, enough to fill a book or two. And you’ll be spared Wikipedia’s censorship, distortions, and outright lies. (talk) 01:01, 24 May 2013 (UTC)

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[The following was not at Wikipedia.]

On the Knoxville Horror, All of It Banned at The Pretend Encyclopedia!:

“The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Cover-Up” (first national report published anywhere, for American Renaissance);

“The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Media Blackout” (biggest national report, also for American Renaissance);

“The Knoxville Horror: Crime, Race, the Media, and ‘Anti-Racism’” (first report for VDARE);

“De-Policing and the Knoxville Horror”;

“Conclusion of First Knoxville Horror Trial Shows Legal System Under Stress”;

“Knoxville Horror Prosecutions Spinning Out of Control?”;

“Diversity is Strength! It's also… Minority Jury Nullification”;

“One Knoxville Horror Perp Sentenced to Death—But the Time-Bomb is Ticking”;

“Vanessa Coleman Sentenced to 53 Years in Prison for Facilitating the Knoxville Horror Gang-Rape-Torture-Murders (Revised and Expanded)”; and

“The Knoxville Horror (Yet Again): George Thomas Conviction Shows Justice Expensive, Agonizing, Grudging in Multicultural America.”


Anonymous said...

Wikipinus is a farce.
I do not believe that a person committing such a crime as the Knoxville Horror would not have their DNA in the DNA national data base. The Knoxville Horror is actually a cold case, it should not be closed out as all of the war criminals who committed this atrocity have not been caught. Tennessee in all probability is not pursuing the identity of the other war criminals that they have the DNA of but have not arrested. TN thinks they have enough blacks arrested for the crime.

Anonymous said...

On the first day of the George Thomas' retrial last May for his role in the Knoxville Horror, you and I were headed to the coffee shop for lunch. I turned to you and remarked, "I don't see HLN here."

David In TN

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8:23 AM,

It is entirely possible the individuals the other DNA belongs to are not in the data base at this time. When we discussed this three years ago during a telephone conversation, Nicholas told me "They could have been juvies."

Before the crime, Cobbins wouldn't have been in the DNA database and Davidson likely wasn't either. These databases aren't as extensive as some think.

David In TN

Extropico said...

The nazis at wikipedia didn't like me pointing out that using the term "white supremacist" is evidence of racial basis from the writer.