Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Ten Laws of Stupidity

By Nicholas Stix

Over at Ex-Army Libertarian Nationalist.


Anonymous said...

We've been getting daily news reports re this gravely important incident that occured last week. The spin on it has been the two sexual minority "vics" were abused by an immigrant cab driver, however now the other side of the story is coming out. Nobody knows for certain what happened but Portland is notorious for it's large lesbian population and they aren't the porn star variety, mostly they're big, bitter toward men and angry in general. I'm leaning toward the cabbies side of things, immigrants with questionable legal status working a tough job like that usually keep their head down and don't want any kind of attention or trouble. It's certainly not important but when two protected minority groups have a conflict like this it sometimes underscores the contradictions and hypocrisies of the "special" status they receive, or feel entitled to.
Worth a few chuckles I think. Jerry

Anonymous said...

I can't help it I must send this one along also. This article is posted on the same day as the previous on I sent about the lesbians getting kicked out of a cab.
I have always said there is no other racial group more masochistic and self pitying than blacks. No other group works harder to create racism, if none exists they will fabricate it out of absolutely nothing.
This article is the perfect example, utter complete PC nonsense that our local "news" paper loves to print. This sort of garbage appears regularly filled with coded BS designed to cast black people as victims of some horrible racist community. I posted a comment under the name "Martin", can't wait for the self righteous accusations of racism. It never ends. Jerry