Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Anti-Racist Commits Mass Murder over a “Racist Comment”; Media Seek to Unreport

Anti-Racist Commits Mass Murder over a "Racist Comment"; Media Seek to Unreport Story

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

She Criticised Immigration, so an "Anti-Racist" Burned Her Children to Death: Daily Mail Censors Report

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Read this story in the Daily Mail about how four children died in a fire that was started deliberately. What you won't find there is any indication of why it happened. At the party there was a discussion on immigration. When Michelle Smith made a remarked that Dyson Allen judged to be 'racist', he decided to set fire to her children's bedroom to get 'revenge'. All four children died.

Yesterday the Daily Mail reported that the fire had been started "in revenge for racist comment".

Now every reference to that important fact has been removed from the article. Nor does any other British newspaper that I have been able to find report it either. I had to read about it on a Swedish website!

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