Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Ten Causes of Detroit’s Collapse

Detroit's first black mayor, "King" Coleman Young (1974-1993), was light, bright, and damn near white, but he was at pains to prove he was the most racist black man in America

Racist, former City Council President Monica Conyers' 2009 mug shot

Racist "hip-hop mayor," Kwame Kilpatrick after being sentenced for some of his various felony convictions, May 25, 2010

By Nicholas Stix

1. Black people
2. Black people
3. Black people
4. Black people
5. Black people
6. Black people
7. Black people
8. Black people
9. Black people; and, last but not least:
10. Black people

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Anonymous said...

Why stop at Detroit?

Think Camden.

Think Philadelphia.

Think East Saint Louis.

Think Trenton.

And on, and on, and on.