Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Marcia Trimble Murder on ID Channel: Black Muslim Serial Rapist-Killer Jerome Barrett was Motivated by Racial Hatred


War crime victim Marcia Trimble 1966-1975

War crime victim Sarah Desprez--Jerome Barrett raped and murdered her

War criminal Jerome Barrett

By David in TN

On Saturday, August 3, at 3 pm ET, the ID Channel's On the Case with Paula Zahn has a show on the 1975 Marcia Trimble murder in Nashville TN. The killer, a Muslim named Jerome Barrett, was revealed by a DNA hit in 2008 and was convicted in 2009, a few months before the first Knoxville Horror trial.

Barrett was convicted of still another murder before the Marcia Trimble trial. This victim was Sarah Des Prez, a white Vanderbilt coed, who was killed a few weeks before Marcia Trimble.

Even Barrett's Muslim friends warned him against his interest in "the Debbies," according to a good book on the case A Season of Darkness, by Douglas Jones and Phyllis Gobbell. Ignore the (few) negative Amazon reviews by people who don't want people to read about the case. The book is must reading for true crime fans.

Marcia Trimble was a Girl Scout delivering cookies on the evening she was raped and murdered by Barrett, who had committed a string of rapes and murders in the area early in 1975.

Barrett (and his type) knew that white coeds (there are a lot of them in Nashville) are naive and don't take precautions.

In 2009, crimeblogger Nivius Vir wrote,
The ages of his white victims were irrelevant to him. Barret has raped and murdered God only knows how many during his life. The chronology of his known crimes is terrifying to people belonging to the civilized world. Sergeant Ralph Langston estimates that only one-third of victims’ belongings discovered in Barrett’s apartment could be linked to the owners. His rap sheet is very lengthy according to the information provided by authorities. Also on his list of prey was the daughter of a Vanderbilt medicine professor Dr. Roger Des Prez, Sarah Des Prez. She was a student at Vanderbilt. Another victim was a Belmont student.


Anonymous said...

Silent White victims and their silent White families, Whites friends, and the silent White race are all very tragic.
I watch the ID channel. I watched the Knoxville Horror. That channel did not call it that and pretty much dimmed the horror down.

Magnus Rex said...

Despicable worthless POS. She was 9 years old and likely as a girl scout had contributed far more to her community and society than that bastard. She certainly couldn't have contributed even a fraction of the evil.

I say, elect Lee Kwan Yew to run our country. A worthless murderer like that would be strung up within a few weeks, no decades on death row trying to get off on a technicality. Crimes like this are rare in Singapore, despite the higher population density. Demographics is only part of the equation. They are primarily Asian, though they do have their share of diversity in Tamils and Malays who fill the roles that Africans and Hispanics fill here.

A heavy boot that kicks the living dog shit out of those who behave like Jerome goes a long way in keeping the others in line.

Poramin said...

"His rap sheet is very lengthy according to the information provided by authorities."

-Explain to me why again the people keep voting for the party of Willie Horton?

Anonymous said...

These comments are tragic and very terrifying. He is a murderer who liked to kill white women. What about Wayne Williams who killed the black children in Atlanta? Nothing to complain about there because everyone was black?

You people are radical zealots. If you were born in another country, you'd be the ones with bombs strapped to your backs. You're no better.

David In TN said...

The Investigative Discovery Channel (ID Channel) is repeating this show at 7 am ET on Friday morning. You can set your DVR for it. I think this is the first showing after the premiere.

I found another news item on the case from earlier this year. How Barrett actually pulled off the abduction and murder is still not precisely known. It may be that Marcia Trimble was taken to a house in North Nashville, killed there, and brought back to the garage in her neighborhood.

From the testimony of the last witness to see Marcia, there were two people with her. I wonder if Barrett had a black child with him, possibly a classmate of Marcia's. There was a busing program underway in Nashville at the time and she had several blacks in her class.

Get a copy of "Season of Darkness" and look at the photo section after page 204. The sixth photo page has a photo of Marcia's class at school. It offers possibilities, but the book didn't "go there."