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Trayvon Martin Retaliation Attack… Against a Cop! Racist Black Preacher Demands White Officer with Over 20 Years of Service be Immediately Fired!

White sacrifice du jour, Officer Todd Snipes
Racist black preacher L. Ronald Durham


A scholar and a gentleman, according to Mr. Ronald Durham

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Over 20 years ago, a U.S. Supreme Court decision severely limited the First Amendment rights of public service employees, and permitted agency heads to fire any employee whose speech or symbolic expression caused problems in the workplace. Public agencies have extended this license to cover expressions by employees when they are off-duty. However, I have never seen such punishment meted out to blacks. That’s why I knew that Officer Todd Snipes had to be white, when I read about this incident elsewhere.

Racist black preacher Ronald Durham, the leader of the Black Clergy Alliance:

“I’m absolutely appalled at the insensitivity of Mr. Snipes.

“What would happen if an African-American or another minority person were in an emergency situation? Would the first thought he had would be that that individual is a thug before he even knew what the situation was, and therefore, not respond?”

Mr. Durham wants Snipes immediately fired…

Note Durham’s dishonesty: Everyone in the world, and even people on other planets with cable, knows that Trayvon Martin was a thug. Is Durham saying that Martin was an angel, or that all blacks are as thuggish as he was? No, what he’s saying is, ‘Never mind my nonsensical statement. As a black man, it is my prerogative to spew nonsense. All you need to understand is this: Fire that cracker immediately!’

Folks, be very careful out there. Blacks are out for blood even more than usual. They are seeking not only to beat, maim, and murder whites, but to get them fired from their jobs for Trayvon.

Beach patrol officer accused of making insensitive comments about Trayvon Martin
Officer Todd Snipes on paid leave
UPDATED 6:01 P.M. EDT Jul 19, 2013

Beach patrol officer makes insensitive comments on George Zimmerman trial

[N.S.: Illiterate transcript follows—written by an affirmative action hire? It sounds like ebonics.]

First, it was [sic] sex scandal and several beach safety officers were fired for having sex with underaged girls. Today the agency rock bid [sic] one of its long-time officers accused of making racially insensitive comments about the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial. Claire Metz is live from the headquarters. This is [sic] officer still on the job? No way. No how, Syan. 45-year-old [sic] Todd Snipes was put on paid administrative leave Wednesday ant [sic] is the subject of an internal investigation. He allege [sic] lid [sic] made the comments due [sic] Facebook and text messages, possibly using county equipment. County spokesman Dave [sic] finds himself in the unenviable position of begin [sic] having to explain the actions of a beach safety officer. [sic] In this case Todd Snipes. This is video of Snipes from an interview several years ago. Snipes allegedly made disparaging comments on Facebook and in text messages about Trayvon Martin after being sent images like this one. The dead teenager pictured holding skittles and ice tea with the caption "those skittles were to die for". [sic] These clearly on [sic] images racially insensitive. They're not appropriate in our workplace at any time. The images included this one mocking Martin's friend and prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel. She [sic] made to look like a Shrek character. There was a picture of Paula Dean [sic] holding a pie. [sic] the caption using the n word. And one of the jury consisting of all Paula Deans [sic]. I'm absolutely appalled at the insensitivity of Mr. Snipes. Reverend Durham in his role as the leader of the Black Clergy Alliance says Snipes showed his true colors. What would happen if an African-American or another minority person were in an emergency situation. Would the first thought he had would be that that individual is a thug before he even knew what the situation was. [sic] and [sic], therefore, not respond. The reverend wants Snipes immediately fire [sic] but officials say under the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights there is a process to go through. However, spokesman Byron says there is a clear social media policy. You can't represent the county in an unfavorable light or do anything that would be considered inappropriate. Back live. County officials say their internal investigation will be swift and it's certainly possible that the officer involved in this, if the alleges [sic] prove true, could be fired. County officials say other current and former employees also saw the images, got some of the messages. but no one else commented. no one else is under investigation.

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. —A longtime officer with Volusia County's Beach Safety department is accused of making racially insensitive comments on Facebook about the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial.

Jail deputy reprimanded over Trayvon-related act

A Brevard County Jail deputy was reprimanded after bringing a can of iced tea and a bag of Skittles to work during the Zimmerman trial.

Officer Todd Snipes, 45, is on paid administrative leave and under internal investigation.
County Spokesman Dave Byron said officials learned Wednesday that Snipes may have again sullied his department's name.

"When you work for the public I think the public has every right to hold you to a very high standard," Byron said. "These clearly are images that are racially insensitive. They're not appropriate in our workplace at any time."

Snipes, an employee for more than two decades, allegedly received disturbing pictures from a friend mocking Trayvon Martin and at least one prosecution witness and made derogatory comments about them and the entire situation in online exchanges, according to authorities.

"I don't think anyone with any conscience would feel these images are appropriate," Rev. Ronald Durham said.

Durham, a pastor and well known leader, says he's appalled at the insensitivity.

"It goes beyond the pale to think that an individual who is supposed to be protecting the citizens of our county has this kind of feeling deep inside of him," Durham said.

County leaders have condemned Snipes' actions and promise swift action under a policy that allows disciplining employees for any conduct on or off duty that reflects unfavorably on the department.


Anonymous said...

So we ordinary citizens and the cops who many have been the victims of black racist thugs, must respect dead black hoodlums even though we are glad the dead racist hoodlum is dead making a safer world for us all.

Anonymous said...

Here is what a more sensible preacher said:

Anonymous said...

The true definition of a "shovel ready" project.

Trayvon's grave.

Anonymous said...

Racist hoodlum? What else will you poor little victims try to make out of that poor child? Yes, normal civil person does have a respect for the dead but that is not your case obviously. Unbelievable and sad that you trolls aren't ashamed of your pathetic whining even on such tragic occasion. 'Safer world' would be if one of you was in Trayvon's place.

Anonymous said...

cop was SPOT ON!