Sunday, July 14, 2013

First Trayvon Martin Riots Hit Oakland

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Oakland Hit By Riots After Zimmerman Verdict

Demonstrators smash windows, attack police cars, start fires

Paul Joseph Watson
July 14, 2013

Civil unrest is beginning to hit US streets following the acquittal of George Zimmerman, with demonstrators smashing windows, attacking police cars, overturning dumpsters and setting fires in downtown Oakland.


Shane Bauer@shane_bauer

Riots in downtown Oakland in response to Zimmerman ruling.

2:35 AM - 14 Jul 2013

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One police car was daubed with the words "Kill Pigz" as American flags were torched. "Kill Zimmerman" was also scrawled on the Alameda County Court.

Following a wave of threats to riot in major cities if Zimmerman was cleared of all charges, trouble flared up almost immediately after the verdict was announced late last night.

Unrest appears to be confined to Oakland for the time being, with more peaceful protests taking place in San Francisco, Washington, DC, New York and Chicago.

Twitter messages threatening to violently kill George Zimmerman continue to flood the social network.

A hoax is also circulating concerning a video of riots in Vancouver from 2011 which was falsely labeled as having taken place in Miami.

Hopefully some of the unrest seen in Oakland last night will remain limited and the wave of rioting threatened by many will not materialize.




Michael Rusch @weeddude

Protesters in Oakland scrawl "Kill Zimmerman" on the Alameda County Court, @christinKPIX5 reports

3:26 AM - 14 Jul 2013

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Susie Cagle@susie_c

And there it is.

2:30 AM - 14 Jul 2013

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Debora Villalon@deboraktvu

#Oakland anti-cop protestors overturn dumpsters, smash windows after #Zimmerman verdict, still moving @KTVU

2:50 AM - 14 Jul 2013

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Debora Villalon@deboraktvu

#BREAKING smashed windows downtown #Oakland as protestors march, angry about #TrayvonMartin verdict @KTVU

2:22 AM - 14 Jul 2013

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John Alston@JohnAlstonABC7

Vandals smash windows at Dogwood Restaurant at Telegraph & 17th St. in Oakland.

2:46 AM - 14 Jul 2013

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I would classify this as a "symbolic" protest. The flag just got burned at the McDonald's on 14th St in Oakland

3:10 AM - 14 Jul 2013



jeigheff said...

The fact that some blacks have already attacked whites in the name of taking vengeance for Traylon is bad enough.

But if violent blacks, lefties and their allies carry out their threats to riot, lootl and kill over Zimmerman's acquittal, I pray that they ultimately hurt themselves in the process. How? By waking up the decent people that remain in this country to the fact that there is absolutely no hope in trying to live in peace with the wicked.

Anonymous said...

It seems to be reasonably quiet so far in Florida. I tend to attribute this to two factors: (1)If what I researched is correct, blacks outnumber whites in the City of Oakland. (2) A good many Floridians are legally armed. Heck, both of my next-door neighbors have concealed weapon permits, as well as the neighbor directly behind me.