Saturday, July 27, 2013

MSNBC's Stephen Hayes Lies about Interracial Crime

A reader writes:

... on Friday, 7/26/13

Allegedly quoting the FBI stats, for 2010, [Hayes] indicated (with graphs) that 8% of whites murdered were killed by blacks but that 14% of blacks murdered were killed by whites. Hence, "blacks have more to fear from whites than the reverse." And, concluding: "O'Reilly has more to fear from his swimming pool than from blacks."

The defamation, intentional. They do it every night. I believe they have transcripts some few days following each program.

Oh yeah, O'Reilly did something similar but less egregious indicating that blacks kill at ten times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. Then he repeated it on other shows in the following days.


Anonymous said...

It is time for Whites to own up that the media, all of it, is anti-White. The US government, headed by a half white racist is anti-White and the justice department headed by an anti-White racist is anti-White. The US government has entire departments filled with anti-White racists, such as the EEOC and many such departments similar to HUD.The courts are stuffed with anti-White racist judges, lawyers, and staff, and I know of White cops refusing to take complaints from Whites about crime committed against them by blacks. The US government has an entire section of elected "officials", the black caucus, dedicated to the destruction of Whites. Many in congress that are elected by Whites sit on their hands and think, "Not me. I'm not in this for Whites."
It is time for Whites to stand up for themselves no matter where or what it takes. Obama will love that of course, but we have little recourse or time.
We must stop obeying laws that are unconstitutional, stop obeying laws that discriminate against us. Whites are not expected to defend themselves against the murderous onslaught that blacks are conducting against us. We are still the majority in this country. It WAS our ancestors that built this country.
We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fighting back.

Anonymous said...

Afroracists and their white lapdogs will claim any stats indicating a higher rate of homocidal violence toward whites is "white man's lies" or "fabricated statistics".
To be fair, while numbers don't lie, people can manipulate those number so they don't really represent anything resembling truth. That being said I do believe that DOJ/FBI stats concerning crime are essentially accurate.

It's impossible to argue stats with afroracists because they will simply denounce you as a racist and that all statistics are lies, then most whites will agree or stay silent out of fear of being labeled the same way.

The question I pose is simple and much more telling than statistics: When was the last time you heard (locally) of a white person murdering a black person? Now, when was the last time you heard (locally) of a black killing a white?
I say locally because once crime goes through the national news service filter we only get whatever picture the corrupt mainstream media wants to show us of national crime.
We had a recent murder of a white man beaten to death by a group of blacks on a downtown street, previous to that a doorman of a nightclub was shot to death by a black man, a few years back a 12 year old white girl was raped and murdered by a black serial rapist/killer...I can think of others, maybe not a lot but there seems to be at least one or two per year.
I can recall one murder of a black man by a white man about 20 years ago. Two white guys in a car were reportedly looking for a black to use a knife on and stabbed the first black guy they saw who was riding on his bike. In 20 years I can think of one white on black murder. I've also lived in California for a time and back east in New York for a couple of years. I can't recall even one white on black murder in those places but do remember black on white murders. Those murders do get reported locally, usually briefly and furtively and never seem to make the cut for wider national reporting. Does that "prove" anything? Of course not but pose this question to anyone and when faced with it will realize, on some level, that whites just don't murder blacks (exceedingly rare when they do). Of course blacks and liberal whites disingenuously claim they have heard of white on black killings, they just can't think of any "specific" incidents at the moment and the media covers them up anyways. Complete bullshit though, they know what goes on around their communities, everyone has a sense of local crime and knows damn well and good they can't think of any white and black murders.
There was a debate re black/white murder in the comments field of our local newspaper.

You can check it out here. It's quite interesting:

When I lived in California, around the Oakland area, there was a high rate of homocidal violence between latino and black gangs. How many hispanics get categorized as white when they are perpetrators?
From my personal experience of knowing of only one white and black local murder I believe that white on black murder is an extremely rare event. Jerry

Sam S. said...

Even though this happened to a pro baseball player, how much do you want to bet that this story gets no MSM press beyond this initial blip: