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The “Cable Guy”: Black Rapist-Murderer Anthony Triplett is a Suspected Serial Killer

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Janice Ordidge: Convicted rapist-murderer Anthony Triplett will be tried for allegedly raping and murdering her, as well


Woman found murdered in Hyde Park high-rise

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Ron Magers
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By Ron Magers

A woman has been murdered inside a high-rise in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood. Police discovered the body of 39-year-old Janice Ordidge after she didn't show up for work. She had been strangled. Police are looking for leads in the case as relatives and friends try to cope with their loss.

The woman's body was found Monday in the bathroom of her high rise apartment at 1649 E. 50th St. She worked as a scheduler at Northwestern's Prentiss Women's Hospital. Employees there became worried when she didn't show up for work.

"She was the kind who would call if she was 10 minutes late," said Lara Olmos, co-worker.

Police were asked to check on Ordidge. They went to her apartment Monday afternoon and found her in the bathtub. The medical examiner is calling it a strangulation homicide. There were no signs of forced entry.

There is no video surveillance in the building, but there is security.

"There's security at night, two security guys and in the day you have to be buzzed in," said Papa Ndiaye, doorman.

Some residents say the building management didn't notify them of the killing-- and they are upset.

"There should have been notification. This is very serious, for someone so close to us and we not know about it," said Dashara Wells, neighbor.

"We live here, and if there needs to be security, I don't know but something should have been done," said Marissa Petersen, neighbor.

Ordidge was one of five sisters. They say she was amicably divorced and that her former husband lives in England. They also say she had a new boyfriend but there had been no indication of trouble.

"She's the most beautiful person you ever wanted to meet," said Mary Lambert, victim's sister. "She loved life and enjoyed life, so to know her is to love her."

Police have not said whether they have any leads in the case.




Comcast technician's murder trial begins

By Rummana Hussain


May 1, 2013 6:46 P.M.

Chicago Sun-Times 


Urszula Sakowska [N.S.: I was unable to copy and paste the photo that accompanied this story]



Updated: June 3, 2013 3:43 P.M. 

Rapist-murderer Anthony Triplett



The couple was doing a favor by checking in on a friend.

Piotr Czechowski went into the Southwest Side house first combing through the rooms with his wife following close behind.

When Czechowski went upstairs, he glimpsed a "leg" from the bathroom, went into "shock" and shoved his spouse away from the gruesome scene.

"His face was very scared," an emotional Arleta Szpak-Czechowska said Wednesday of her husband's discovery of Urzula Sakowska's dead body on Dec. 8, 2006.

"He started to push me and said, 'Get out. Get out.'"

Hours before, Sakowska, 23, inadvertantlywelcomed her killer — Comcast worker Anthony Triplett — into her home, in the 6100 block of South McVicker, Cook County prosecutors said.

But instead of installing her high-speed Internet, Triplett viciously beat and choked Sakowska and forced her to perform oral sex on him, assistant state's attorney Ashley Romito said at the opening of Triplett's murder trial.

The last thing Sakowska saw was the duct tape Triplett allegedly wrapped around her head before he threw her in her bathtub filled with water.

Triplett is also suspected of killing 39-year-old Hyde Park resident Janice Ordidge in a similar manner seven weeks earlier.

Although Triplett, 32, isn't on trial for Ordidge's murder, prosecutors plan to outline details of that slaying to bolster their case in Sakowska's slaying.

Defense attorney Allan Sincox questioned why Triplett would kill Sakowska when he under a watchful eye of the authorities after they questioned him three times following Ordidge's strangulation.

But Romito insisted to jurors that Triplett killed both women who made the innocent mistake of allowing him into their homes for Comcast service.

The prosecutor also pointed out the "powerful and overwhelming" physical evidence tying Triplett to Sakowska's murder: her blonde hair found in his Comcast van and her blood on his jacket.

Also damning evidence was Sakowska's fiance's Seiko watch authorities found on Triplett, Romito said.

"He is not just about the sex and murder. Be it greed, be it trophy hunting — he takes something," Romito said.

Sakowska's fiancé Grzegorz Magiera, a truck driver, was en route to New Jersey at the time of the slaying. He called his friends, Piotr Czechowski and Arleta Szpak-Czechowska, to check on Sakowska. Magiera testified in court Wednesday that he drove all the way from the East Coast when he learned the young woman he had met in his native Poland was brutally killed.

Not only was Sakowska's money, credit cards and two rings, including her engagement ring, missing. Also gone was a change jar and the birthday gift the on-time nanny had given him months before, Magiera, 35, testified.

"She gave it to me," he said of the watch.

Triplett's trial will continue Thursday before Cook County Judge Kevin Sheehan.


Cable TV repairman Anthony Triplett found guilty in 2006 murder case

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


By Ben Bradley
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A jury has found double murder suspect Anthony Triplett guilty of first degree murder, aggravated criminal sexual assault and robbery in the murder of 23-year-old Urszula Sakowska.

There were tears of joy and sighs of relief in court from the family of Urszula Sakowska.

The 23-year-old was sexual assaulted, then strangled to death inside her home by a Comcast-contracted workman named Anthony Triplett. He was there to work on her high speed internet connection.

The murder happened on the southwest side in December of 2006.

Unbeknownst to the victim: Triplett was already being looked at for a murder a month and a half earlier in this Hyde Park high rise.

Thirty-nine-year-old Janice Ordidge was also strangled to death, and also left in her bathtub after calling Comcast for cable TV service.

Police say they informed Comcast that Triplett was interviewed as a "witness." Detectives were waiting for DNA results before making an arrest. While they waited, Triplett continued making house calls for Comcast, and that's when he murdered Urszula Sakowska.

Comcast issued the following statement on Monday: "We remain saddened by these tragic events, and our hearts go out to the families who've lost their loved ones. We have fully cooperated with law enforcement authorities in their investigations."

Her family was joined in court for the verdict on Monday by Janice Ordidge's loved one. Both families declined to comment.

Triplett's attorney argued in court his client would have been foolish to commit both crimes.

"The theory being why would he have possibly done this knowing police were hot on his tail? He was under close scrutiny at the time," said Jack Rimland, Triplett's defense attorney.

"We are extremely pleased with the guilty verdict rendered this evening by the jury against Anthony Triplett in the tragic sexual assault and murder of Urszula Sakowska. In many ways this case represents the alarming and unexpected way that sexual violence can impact the life of any woman and it is our hope that this guilty verdict finally brings justice for Urszula, who was doing what any woman should be able to do with a sense of safety and security in her own home," Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez said in a statement on Monday.


Chicago guy said...

DNA on the victim and her blood on his jacket helped convict him along with being the cable man for both victims which placed him at the scene of both crimes. Ordidge voiced her uneasiness about Triplett in a phone call to her boyfriend.
One real kicker is the murderer's statement at his trial. His voice was "thick with quiet emotion" as he claimed they fingered the wrong man. "For me to be called a rapist and a murderer, that's an insult to my mom who raised me". Can you believe the colossal gall people like this demonstrate? What's more, at some other website I see where this inhuman monster actually had some supporters leaving comments defending him claiming his innocence. His ex-wife chimed in by saying she blamed Comcast since the company let him take his work truck home (??). The mentality of these sorts of people out there is astounding.
The crimes were committed in 2006 but it wasn't until this year that they got around to convicting him. It's a common defense strategy to delay trial as long as possible in the hope that witnesses move away, evidence gets misplaced, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

How come he is being tried in 2013 for murders done in 2006? Has he been free the last 6-7 years? Was he in jail waiting for trial? None of the articles say

Anonymous said...

In my Stockholm Syndrome Liberal days I lived in that very high rise in Chicago....the Twin Towers. Hyde Park is Obama territory. About a block away from this crime scene a dear friend of mine, mother of four was murdered at the Vedanta Temple.Years later another woman was murdered in that area by a man I used to work with at the City of Chicago. Women need to be alarmed and proceed with caution.