Friday, July 26, 2013

Amnesty is a Gateway Drug: The Jeb Bush Story


Jeb Bush, possibly thinking about whites

Columba Bush

By Nicholas Stix

Marijuana is commonly called a “gateway drug” by those opposed to drug abuse and all that flows from it, because one enters it, on the way to harder drugs. Similarly, amnesties of third world illegal aliens are the gateway to cascading social failures: Exploding rates of crime, corruption, illegitimacy, school failure and welfare abuse, leading to national bankruptcy; a plummeting national IQ; the normalization of widespread sedition, treason, and racism; health-care disasters, including epidemics and the return of previously eliminated infectious diseases; environmental catastrophes; the destruction of morality, culture (including trust and other social capital) , politics and law; jailbreak-style future illegal immigration; and ultimately, national collapse.

Jeb Bush is a white reconquista, a Fifth Columnist. He married a pretty, racist, Mexican girl named Columba Garnica Gallo, and they raised a racist, reconquista son, George P. Jeb and George P. both seek to put Columba’s racist vision into practice.

George P. Bush, who apparently doesn’t like to shave before being photographed

“Memo from Middle America | Jeb Bush’s ‘Gateway’ to Oblivion”
By Allan Wall
July 25, 2013 at 10:54 p.m.

Former Florida governor, son and brother of former presidents, prospect for 2016 GOP nomination and relentless Hispanderer John Ellis Bush (JEB) is stumping for Amnesty—no surprise there.

But lately Jeb has been brandishing the buzz word “gateway”—that for Republicans, supporting Amnesty would be a “gateway” to the Hispanic vote. (Which actually is far less important than the white a.k.a. American vote, but that’s another story).

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Jeb and Columba together (Columba Bush is one of those women whose appearance radically changes from photo to photo)


Anonymous said...

Nic, thanks for the full name of this worthless POS! Someday the entire Bush Crime Family will get its just dessert. Scumbag JEB needs a real beat down!

Anonymous said...

Jeb's son wants to prove that he is not an indio, as the indigenous are called in Mexico. That's why he has facial hair. The illiterate, feral, pure blooded indigenous cannot grow facial hair readily if at all.

Read what Steve Sailer has to say about the racial caste system in Mexico.

Then you will know George P. has facial hair, but also married a girl who looks like a member of Aryan Nation.

Darkies always want to whore around with white women.

Just look at Tiger "Woodie" Woods.