Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Zimmerman Verdict: All Media Blacks That Expressed or Even Implied an Opinion were Trayvonistas

By Nicholas Stix

CNN “legal expert” Sunny Hostin said that the case was about a child’s right to walk home safely from the store, and that she is the mother of a child.

Sunny Hostin is no legal expert; the only thing she has expertise in is how to be a black racist. She spoke in racial code, never using the work “black” or “African-American.”

Trayvon Martin was no child, and he had every right to walk to his father’s girlfriend’s home safely, and make his drug drink “purple” with the watermelon drink he had bought and other ingredients. He did not have the right to murder George Zimmerman. The problem is that he was raised by his father, stepmother, occasionally by his mother, and others to believe that as a black male he had a license to kill, and that non-blacks had a duty to die at his hands.

The media were heavy with black “experts.” Every single one of them was a Trayvonista who supported railroading Zimmerman. Black HLN reporter Ryan Smith favorably quoted one of the Martin family’s lawyers, thereby tipping his hand.

I only heard of one black conservative blogger who supported justice for Zimmerman.

Meanwhile, most of the media whites I heard were either lefty Trayvonistas or cowards afraid of incurring black displeasure. The most any white talking head would do was say that the prosecution blew the case; none said simply that Zimmerman was in the right, and Martin was trying to murder him.

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Anonymous said...

I guess this Trayvon wannabe couldn't walk home safely in his own 'hood.

Betcha the perp was a "white" Hispanic.