Monday, July 08, 2013

AOL’s Huffington Post Buries Coverage of the Zimmerman Trial!

AOL's Huffington Post Wipes the Zimmerman Trial Off of Its Front Page!

By Nicholas Stix


Extra, extra, don't read all about it!


I just went to AOL's Huffington Post, which had carried a live blog of the entire trial the first week (I forgot to check it the second week), with ubiquitous links on the front page. Nothing, nada, zilch. I suspected that since this is a very busy front page, I might have missed something, so I searched under "trial," but the only trial that came up was the wrong one. I punched in "Zimmerman," but only got a ridiculously frivolous, dishonest op-ed column deep down on the page by a Pace University law professor named Bennett Gershman.


Gershman devotes an entire column to the moment when defense attorney Mark O'Mara asked Sanford PD Investigator (Detective) Chris Serino if he thought George Zimmerman was being honest during Serino and SPD Investigator Doris Singleton's interrogation of him, Serino answered in the affirmative, the prosecution objected, and prosecuting Judge Debra Nelson sustained, telling the jry to ignore what they had just heard.


I have been watching this trial since the first day of testimony. "Prosecutor's assistant" (John Derbyshire) Judge Debra Nelson sustained every prosecution objection the first three days, no matter how specious they were, while overruling every defense objection, no matter how well grounded. Since then, she has been only slightly less obviously prejudiced on behalf of the prosecution.


Bennett Gershman found one lousy instance in which the defense may have gotten away with helping their client, and so he is emphasizing it, in order to deceive readers about how the trial is going, in order to try and make them believe that the defense is getting away with murder. When the black riots come, Gershman will have some blood on his hands.


Just because he wrote an opinion column does not grant him license to misrepresent the facts.


Another important fact for readers to ponder that Gershman does not want them to know: Investigator (=Detective) Chris Serino withstood intense political pressure to lie about his investigation, in order to justify prosecuting Zimmerman. Serino then suffered the political retaliation of being demoted back to patrolman. In other words, his estimation of Zimmerman's honesty really is crucial to this trial.


My hunch? AOL and HP's propaganda officers see the legal lynching of George Zimmerman as a lost cause, and seek to bury the story. What say you?

July 8, 2013
Howard Fineman

Spitzer v. Fitzgerald: Second Acts in Politics

Editorial director, Huffington Post Media Group

Eliot Spitzer, the previously disgraced former governor of New York, told me today that he is testing what may be new dynamics of personal transgression and forgiveness in politics. In 2008, Spitzer resigned amid disclosures that he had paid as much as $80,000 to prostitutes over several years. Yesterday, a little more than five years after his humiliating departure, the 54-year-old Harvard-educated lawyer declared his candidacy for comptroller of New York City, a little-known but powerful post. Spitzer's announcement comes in a campaign era that seems, at first glance, to have become more tolerant of second chances for those involved in sexual and marital scandals.



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Anonymous said...

When I've checked news stories, I found more pro-Zimmerman reader comments. The Huffington Post probably thinks the trial is a loser.

On the other hand, there are still plenty of Trayvonite posters at Websleuths Forum, where I fought the battle again today.

David IN TN

Unknown said...

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