Sunday, May 07, 2017

Chicago: La Raza Gang Helped Cops, After They Witnessed Rival Gang Shoot Two Cops; But What Role did the Associated Press and ABC News Play?


"This undated photo provided by the Chicago Police Department shows Angel Gomez. Gomez is charged in the Tuesday, May 2, 2017, shooting and wounding of two plainclothes Chicago Police officers. He faces counts of attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. He's suspected of driving the vehicle in which the shooters were riding. (Chicago Police Department via AP)"

By Reader-Researcher RC

Chicago gang helped investigators in officers' shooting
By The Associated Press
CHICAGO — May 7, 2017, 3:16 P.M. ET
ABC News

Chicago police say two plainclothes officers shot last week were mistaken for rival street-gang members and that other gang members cooperated with police when that became clear.

Chicago Police Commander Brendan Deenihan spoke to reporters Sunday about the South Side shooting.

Deenihan said several La Raza gang members helped identify a driver and a shooter who opened fire from a van Tuesday. He said they knew it was "a different game" once they realized police, not rivals, were shot as they sat in an unmarked car.

Police on Saturday announced attempted murder charges against the alleged driver, 18-year-old Angel Gomez. The shooter is still being sought.

One officer was shot in the arm and hip and the other in the back. They've both been released from hospital.

N.S.: The MSM typically refuse to name any gang involved in shootings today, which is why their “news” stories are worthless. They refuse to provide perp descriptions, but give exact descriptions of the color of the perp’s clothes and vehicle. That’s due to the media’s support of black and Hispanic criminals.

I used to read the Chicago Tribune’s “hit parade” of shootings, but it was a waste of time. The Trib’s chief crime reporter, Peter Nickeas, would identify the exact intersection, where a shooting, and exactly ID the shooter’s clothing and car color, but refused to ID the shooter’s color, or the gangs vying for control of that intersection/area, which an experienced, local crime reporter had to know. Thus, Nickeas was worthless. I dubbed him, “No-Name Nickeas.”

Of course, No-Name had all the right pc politics regarding “gun violence.”

But the AP and ABC News did name La Raza, which makes the gang look like a bunch of patsies. The only explanation I can come up with, is that AP and ABC News support the shooter-gang, perhaps BECAUSE its shooters tried to take out two cops.

Update: I checked further, and it turns out that everybody involved on the gang end, was La Raza. A La Raza driver (Angel Gomez) and shooter, and other La Raza guys ID’ng them. Thus, it looks like this was incompetence on the part of the AP and ABC News.
However, the big surprise here is that the Trib engaged in real reporting here.
In February, the Tribune reported that La Raza was one of four Hispanic gangs believed to be responsible for about three dozen shootings since early 2016 tied to semi-automatic rifles in the Southwest Side neighborhoods of Back of the Yards and Brighton Park. Police said that was the only area of the city where rifles styled after AR-15s and AK-47s were regularly used, a menacing new development in the gang fights.
That was the Trib’s Bill Ruthhart.

My experience has been that sometimes the Trib’s chiefs will let a new brave go off the res, but will then hunt him down, and ensure that he stays on res.

Almost five years ago, a young, female, black reporter Deanese Williams-Harris, whose nickname is “Neacy Newslady,” was paired with No-Name, and briefly did good work. However, someone must have given her a talking-to, because soon her work was indistinguishable from that of “No-Name.”

Toddler Scissor Hands • 5 hours ago

Wonder whats the quid-pro-quo on this case of cooperation and who gets the stiches?

Noon to Philip Reamy • an hour ago

Absurd or not, yes per capital they commit less crime. They don't want to be sent back to wherever they came from. They don't have to come here to commit crimes. They can do that in their own country. They come here to work.
• 1

Nicholas Stix to Noon • 4 minutes ago

"Absurd or not, yes per capital [sic] they commit less crime."

That's simply false. It's a popular talking point, but it's a lie. This fakestat is manufactured by not counting most crimes committed by illegal aliens, by de-policing their neighborhoods, and by their victims not reporting 90% of their crimes against other illegals:

Identity theft
Felony re-entry
Driving without a license
Driving without insurance
Tax fraud
Illegal employment
EITC fraud
Medicaid/health insurance fraud
Obamacare fraud, etc.


Anonymous said...

How did that get publicized?La Raza wanted it known that they squealed on the other gang?What's the upside of that--except a revenge killing of its members.
But they're all upstanding guys,I hear.Honest,scrupulous and great for the city.
Just don't live near them...or you die.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Back of the Yards was a relatively prosperous working class enclave until the stockyards closed. Then all downhill from there. Lots of Mex now.

jeigheff said...

First we get La Raza (THE race), the subversive political organization. Now we get the La Raza gang.

Chicago guy said...

Following that 10 people were shot, two fatally, as they were gathered at a makeshift memorial for dead gangbanger Daniel Cordova. Two gangbangers came out of the alley and opened fire. The two dead are siblings with the last name of Williams. Both one of the Williams and Cordova were reportedly affiliated with the Satan Disciples. Is this a mixed gang with both blacks and Hispanics in it? Seems to be a lot of smaller sub-group gangs out there waving their own flag.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when the Mex name their sons JESUS or Angel.

Anonymous said...

What is the immigration status of Angel? Chicago is a sanctuary city.