Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How Did the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Save 9,000 Delinquent Households from Losing Their Water?



By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

I would not be surprised to see residents of Detroit resort to using cisterns to catch excess rainwater, and then using the rainwater for household needs.

N.S.: Sounds to me like a scam to let 9,000 black households get away with not paying their water bill.

Guess who has to make up the difference?

In the last few weeks, Detroit has cut the nearly 18,000 residential water customers vulnerable to shut-offs in half, the head of the city’s water department said.

About 9,000 in Detroit at-risk for water shut-offs

DWSD said nearly 18K residential accounts at-risk for shutoff last month is down by half, cite assistance plans

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