Thursday, May 18, 2017

Slavery, Racism, and Media Fraud in America: Eudocia Tomas Pulido and Alex Tizon


Above and below: Filipino-American slave Eudocia Tomas Pulido, at two different stages of her life. She never spent a single day in her adult life free, neither in the Philippines, nor in America.



Racist, Filipino-American “journalist” Alex Tizon—the face of the slaveocracy in America


Anonymous said...

Lots of slavery in America from what I understand. In almost all [if not totally all] instances dark skinned persons abusing other dark skinned persons.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the 3rd world people that I've worked with treat average working people very badly. which includes co-workers. They force a pecking order with themselves at the top since they are used to having slaves in their homes. Any indication of cooperation or being a good office mate is out of the picture for them. These people look down on Americans and feel we are stupid and naive. They kiss up unbelievably to the authority figures. It's like they have two personalities. One for co workers and one for the bosses.

I rented a basement apartment from Philippino's and soon discovered that there was only a piece of wood between my apartment and the stairs leading into their kitchen. I asked for a locked door and was told, oh, that's for Americans. Well, I got the locked door but later learned that these people renting the apartment did not own the house. They portrayed such a sense of entitlement! I guess to them a tenant was the same lower caste person like a slave.

I understand that in India, Pakastan and Bangla Desh it's a similar story. People will work for room and board to be able to live under stair ways.