Thursday, May 18, 2017

Party of Cowards: GOP Congressman Scramble to the Front of the Pack Calling for President Trump’s Impeachment: ‘I was a traitor first!’ ‘No, I was before you!’


Rep. Carlos Curbelo (Treason-FL), L, and Rep. Justin Amash (Treason-MI) 

At Breitbart.

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Anonymous said...

Amash is my damn representative.There's no doubt in my mind that he aspires to POTUS.All his decision making revolves around that future run.His first goal is notoriety/publicity--get his name out there.
Next is become the leader/spokesman of the Freedom Caucus.(Getting close).
Whether he tries his hand at Senator is the next decision to ponder.After that would be the presidential run.Most likely 2024,but he may not wait that long.He seems quite the impatient politician.
--GR Anonymous