Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day, 2017: Lest We Forget


Arlington Cemetery

To the living veterans of foreign wars, thank you for your service.

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Anonymous said...

The same sentiments from me as well.I can't help but wonder about the veterans of WW1 and 2.Would they have thought about sacrificing their minds and bodies for the America of today-- knowing a country they fought for is devolving at an ever quickening rate?If they could have peered into the future and seen year 2017 as it is now,what would they have done?What we see presently is so far removed from the principles and way of life they lived by,back then,that it seems like an ancient civilization in some respects.
Of course Germany and Japan had to be stopped--that's a separate issue.I know if I looked into the future and saw
a welfare society,with blacks running amok (and the big cities)and Mexicans and Arabs joining in to destroy what our armed forces fought to prevent (an invasion by a foreign people [or two]),maybe they and I would have said,"Fu*k it,lets go have a beer instead."
Not optimistic,I know,but what can I say?Except thank you to the vets for allowing me to be an American and living a pretty good life so far.
--GR Anonymous