Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mexican Irony

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I’ve been going through the tedious work of re-reading a 2013 race hoax by the Great Black Genius, Ta-Nehisi Coates, in the New York Times, as well as numerous comments (most of them execrable, and devoid of irony) I’d reprinted from the Times, and came to the best comment.

o Carlos
o Texas

I doubt anyone will make it to this comment (who can blame them?) but I thought I'd share a story.

My dad is a dark skinned Mexican American who lives in an old money neighborhood in San Antonio. One day he was pushing his lawn mower up the sidewalk getting ready to cut his grass when an old white guy pulled up in a nice car and asked h in broken Spanish how much he charged to mow lawns.
My dad thought that was hilarious. Here he was a prominent professor/psychiatrist being asked to mow lawns because he's Mexican pushing a mower in front of his own house.

Two weeks later in his own neighborhood he sees a Mexican guy chainsawing some branches off a tree and he pulls over to ask (in Spanish) how much the guy charged for tree work.

Yeah, it turned out it was his house, and the guy was a doctor too. They both cracked up.


Anonymous said...

Anomalies--both of them.
Here's a joke.The definition of an anomaly is a black(or Mexican)who understands the MEANING of the word,"anomaly".
I thought of that the other day.
--GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

I'm not sure that forcing non-Mexicans out of certain occupations is something to laugh about, but I guess that depends on one's perspective.

I admit that I admire folks who do what they can for themselves to best of their abilities and resources, whatever their station in life or their ethnic background. So I can salute the two good doctors who do so. But here in good ol' liberal Austin, Texas, Mexicans/Hispanics have staked out certain territories as their own, landscaping being one.

Still, there are at least two small landscaping companies here in Austin that employ whites. Wowee! Can you believe it? On two occasions, I have seen these guys working in my neighborhood with my own eyes. Perhaps the two good doctors would do a double-take at such a sight.