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See Richard Basehart Play an SS Captain in a Classic, Two-Part COMBAT! S. 2 Ep. 4: “The Long Way Home,” Part 1 (1963) (Complete Video, Without Commercial Interruptions!)

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The first of a two-part episode written by Edward J. Lakso and directed by Ted Post, with Vic Morrow, Richard Basehart, Jack Hogan, Pierre Jalbert, Tom Lowell, Dick Peabody, Conlan Carter, Simon Oakland, Woodrow Parfrey, Sasha Harden, Glenn Cannon, Arthur Batanides, James Sikking, Michael McDonald. Original air date: 8 October 1963.
N.S.: This is a classic episode of the series that is a short-list contender for the title, greatest TV drama.

I was tempted to title this “See the Great Richard Basehart…,” but thought better of it. The hyperbole would have undermined the claim.

The most extreme case of such hyperbole I know of comes from The Great Ta-Nehisi Coates:

Last month the actor Forest Whitaker was stopped in a Manhattan delicatessen by an employee. Whitaker is one of the pre-eminent actors of his generation, with a diverse and celebrated catalog ranging from “The Great Debaters” to “The Crying Game” to “Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.”
If Whitaker were as famous as Coates claimed, the entire, 33-word second sentence would have been unnecessary.

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