Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Serious Work/Trigger Warnings: The Making of the Kathy Griffin Beheading President Trump Video

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Kathy Griffin Holding a Fake, Bloody Donald Trump Head


Griffin on Trump: "There was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his ... wherever."


Anonymous said...

That should be Megyn Kelly's line.Of course she'd be fired too,but then it would make sense,if Kelly said it.She will become Colbert's version of Ed McMahon,if I know anything about how the libs take care of each other.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

This is what the lefty would like to do. That is what is in their minds. NOT a joke either. They would like to do it for real.

David In TN said...

Speaking of "Hatred for the President," I've been rereading William Manchester's "The Death of a President." Manchester spent a lot of time in the book on the "hate-filled atmosphere" in Dallas, Texas. He implied that since Oswald read the Dallas newspapers and imbibed the general tone, it drove the "unstable" Lee Harvey Oswald to shoot John F. Kennedy.

Manchester (like all liberals) didn't take Oswald's Marxist viewpoint seriously and preferred to believe it had nothing to do with his actions. Well, Oswald defected to the Soviet Union in 1959. A very unusual thing for an American at the time.

He came back (with his Russian wife) in 1962 because "there was no place to spend his money, no bowling alleys or nightclubs."

Manchester barely (and grudgingly) acknowledged Oswald tried to assassinate General Walker a few months before. Was killing a Bircher encouraged by the Dallas Right Wing?

Incidentally, William Manchester was the subject of an article ( in The American Spectator a few days ago.

Manchester told the NEH he had been awarded the Silver Star and Navy Cross as a WW II Marine. No, he wasn't. Manchester was seriously wounded by mortar fire, but received no special decorations.

Apparently, Manchester put forged documents for the Silver Star and Navy Cross in his papers.

He was in the "intelligence section" of a regimental headquarters company. Manchester was under fire at times, but most of the time back at company HQ.

Some critics thought William Manchester's books were too much hagiography, superficial, and hyperbolic.

One of the most bizarre happenings of the 1960's was the so-called Manchester Affair. After the Kennedy family commissioned Manchester to write a book on the JFK assassination, they tried to stop publication. Bobby and Jackie refused to read the book, while simultaneously denouncing it. Jackie was going to haul Manchester into court.

In January 1967, Jackie deigned to read the book and liked it, calling it "fascinating." It became a big best-seller.