Saturday, May 20, 2017

Bollards and Diversity: Municipalities All Must Now Pay Billions of Dollars for Additional Pedestrian Security Against Terrorist Attacks by “Unarmed” Drivers



By Reader-Researcher RC

"Those bollards were designed and manufactured by Calpipe Security Bollards based in Compton. They were installed in late 2016. “Vehicles are weapons of mass destruction no matter what the motive was,”said pedestrian safety expert Rob Reiter."

At CBS L.A..

R.C.: Compton?

Is that appropriate or what?

Calpipe Security Bollards

"Calpipe Security Bollards offers the most complete line of high security, access control, and decorative bollards in the industry. Calpipe Security Bollards is a ..."

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Anonymous said...

Best Buy and other stores like them have the bollards all over the place. To prevent smash and grab.