Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Video: Secrets of Grand Central Station

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All huge, old railroad stations are full of “secrets”—now inaccessible areas that once served vital purposes. The most obvious case is bathrooms. If you use the same station for many years, you see bathrooms that come and go. The same station may have dozens of scattered, walled-off bathrooms no longer in use. Add to them old supply areas, walkways, even dormant subway lines, etc.

[Update (3:38 p.m.: I apologize to anyone who came here earlier, and couldn’t get the video to work. Although one could see the video URL at Inside Edition, the right-click function didn’t work. So, I tried copying down the URL, which had 100 or so characters and spaces, but when I posted it, it didn’t work. I corrected one spacing mistake, but still no go. Too many opportunities for mistakes, I guess. Finally, I was able to hunt it down at YouTube.]


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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
This article from MSN relates to your previous posting re Late Night Talk shows, it's focused on Jimmy Fallon and talks about the effect of "left" politics in Late Night Talk shows. The suggestion here is that Fallon isn't "left" enough and lost ratings due to a Trump interview in which he was perceived to be "fawning". It also suggests he needs to be more politically left to stay competitive with the likes of Colbert.
In order to appease the left Jimmy states that he "regrets" his Donald Trump interview. Why is that Jimmy? That you didn't make juvenile coarse joke about him to his face? His lickspittle "apology" gives new meaning to the word spineless. I guarantee Johnny never would have apologized, I doubt Leno would have, and he has a reputation as an upper management ass kisser. I'm pretty sure Kimmel wouldn't either.

I recall back when Leno was dueling with Letterman nightly, there was a constant shifting of ratings back and forth, usually Leno had better numbers but sometimes there were years when Letterman would gain ground but then lose it next season, the numbers might turn on a million or so watchers. This article suggest that Colbert has a million more viewers due to his politics and that's evidence his politics is bringing in more people. Maybe, but next season he could lose a million and they'll never understand exactly why. As far as I'm concerned this article is pure propaganda subjectively based on the writers ideology.