Tuesday, May 16, 2017

“I think everyone who voted for him [Trump] knew his personality was grotesque, it was the issues”; Read This Amazing, Brilliant, Ann Coulter Interview on President Trump


Actor Rob Riggle, political commentator/author Ann Coulter and comedian Jeffrey Ross onstage at The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe at Sony Studios on August 27, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe will premiere on September 5, 2016 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

“Ann Coulter is Worried the ‘Trump-Haters were Right’”
By Alex Pfeiffer
10:27 P.M. 05/14/2017
The Daily Caller

Conservative author Ann Coulter was one of the most vocal supporters of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign.

She wrote “In Trump We Trust” and proclaimed that she worships him like the “people of North Korea worship their Dear Leader – blind loyalty.”

Coulter described herself as a single-issue voter during the election and was drawn to Trump due to his “Mexican rapist speech” and him calling for a border wall to be built.

In an interview Sunday with The Daily Caller, Coulter let it be known she still has hope in the Trump presidency, but is ready to jump ship.

So there’s no wall, and Obama’s amnesties look like they are here to stay. Do you still trust Trump?

Uhhhh. I’m not very happy with what has happened so far. I guess we have to try to push him to keep his promises. But this isn’t North Korea, and if he doesn’t keep his promises I’m out. This is why we voted for him. I think everyone who voted for him knew his personality was grotesque, it was the issues.

I hate to say it, but I agree with every line in my friend Frank Bruni’s op-ed in The New York Times today. Where is the great negotiation? Where is the bull in the china shop we wanted? That budget the Republicans pushed through was like a practical joke… Did we win anything? And this is the great negotiator?

You said during the election and in columns that if there is no wall it’s the end of America.

Trump was our last shot. I kind of thought it was Romney, and then lo and behold like a miracle Trump comes along. I still believe in Trumpism. I have no regrets for ferociously supporting him. What choice did we have?

We had no choice. Yeah, I mean, my fingers are still crossed. It’s not like I’m out yet, but boy, things don’t look good. I’ve said to other people, it’s as if we’re in Chicago and Trump tells us he’s going to get us to LA in six days. But for the first three days we are driving towards New York. Yes, it is true he can still turn around and get us to LA in three days, but I’m a little nervous.

What’s behind him driving towards New York?

If he grabs the steering wheel and turns around and takes us toward LA, then I’ll just put it down to him not being a professional politician and having to come into the presidency with no support network, with all of official Washington against him.

I have from the beginning been opposed to Trump hiring any of his relatives. Americans don’t like that, I don’t like that. That’s the one fascist thing he’s done. Hiring his kids.

But I understand if you’re in Washington you don’t know who to trust, the party was against you, the politicians were against you, the bureaucracy was against you, and by the way this isn’t to say anything bad about Jared. Everything I know about him, I think he’s doing a great job. But even if he is absolutely the best person for the job, I don’t like the hiring of relatives.

I could understand all that if he gets control of the steering wheel and turns around and starts going towards LA.

If we just keep going to New York. Well again, I’ll say we had no choice, but the Trump-haters were right…It’s a nightmare. I can’t even contemplate that. Right now I’m still rooting for him to turn around and take us toward LA.

Are you going to be apologizing to these Never Trumpers?

I don’t apologize for supporting Trump. He said all the right things and nobody else would even say it. I suppose it’s possible that another politician who really meant it would come along. There’s Kris Kobach, Tom Cotton, Jeff Sessions…there are probably a handful of politicians.

I got to tell you when I wrote “Adios America” I thought there was a 10 percent chance of saving the country. On the evening of November 8, I thought, “Wow we have a 90 percent chance now, this is a chance that comes along once every thousand years, we can save America now.”

And now, I don’t know, I’m someplace between 10 percent and 90 percent.

How much blame does congressional leadership deserve?

I do, of course, blame Congress most of all. They are swine. They only care about their own careers. Who knows how much of it is corruption and how much of it is pure stupidity? People should start sending Paul Ryan bricks to indicate how much we want the wall.

They are the opposition party to Donald Trump. This is really something we’ve never seen before. The president stands alone, it’s his own political party, he’s Gary Cooper. All we have is millions of Americans behind him, but he doesn’t have anybody in Washington behind him.

During the campaign you said you would have to start writing mystery books if Hillary Clinton won. Are you preparing to start writing these?

No. But I must say I’ve been contemplating it a bit more. You can’t give up yet. We have to keep Trump’s feet to the fire. It’s weird because I really think in his heart he’s a genuine patriot.

It’s just that it has been such a disaster so far, and that General Kelly is so preposterous, and McMaster — did you see him at that press conference? I thought he was retarded. You have to link to that video.

I’ve never actually heard anyone other than liberals mocking their idea of a stupid Republican say, “Murica.”


[Trump] might not have realized how intense the opposition was going to be. Not on everything. Nobody else would have done the trade deals, that is to save American jobs. But they are not going to complain and massively resist on trade. They are not going to massively resist him on things like tax cuts. They are going to love for him to go to war, we have to try to resist him on that.

The one thing he will get massive resistance from every source in Washington including his “own party” is immigration.

What does your friend Matt Drudge think of all of this? Recently on Michael Savage’s radio show he seemed nervous about the Trump administration.

I’ll let him speak for himself, but I think all of the Trump true believers are petrified.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

N.S.: The comments were brain-dead attacks on Coulter. I responded,

I don't get the attacks on Ann Coulter here. I voted for Trump, I wrote articles about him, and as far as this interview is concerned, I'm with Ann all the way down the line.


Anonymous said...

"So there’s no wall, and Obama’s amnesties look like they are here to stay. Do you still trust Trump?"

As if the whole world can be stopped and changed overnight.

Going to take a while [maybe years] to build that wall. But can be done. And that is part of a much greater whole. Who ever said this was going to easy?

Anonymous said...

We are not getting what we voted for. Trump promised to throw out DACA on the first day--now it looks like he never will. He said we should have a ban on Muslim immigration but he doesn't even have the nerve to uphold the temporary ban on immigrants from just 6 Muslim countries--he could have told the judges that they have no authority to stop him as the law gives him the power to do what he did--and then order the state department to stop letting them in. He said the refugees would have to go back--they are still coming in. He promised to withdraw from the Paris climate scam--it hasn't happened and T-rex signed an agreement that mankind is causing global warming. Worse, he put Ivanka--an avowed warmist--in charge of determining what should be done. Trump has filled positions with people who openly were against his stated positions--including a couple from Goldman Sachs. He backed a healthcare bill which is still government controlled healthcare and which will NOT lower the cost of insurance. The only really positive thing is the appointment of Jeff Sessions. Otherwise we are getting the same kind of establish appointments we would have gotten from JEB! He should have refused to sign any budget which did not include a funding mechanism for the wall. No, I'm not tired of winning--I haven't seen any so far.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to know what Trump is up against with this bloated government, a government that has become a shell of
what it was 30 years ago(as far as leading the country in the right direction goes)and which was THEN --a shell of itself--from 30 years before that.
It's also difficult to know how sincere Trump was during his campaign and how strongly he felt about the various issues--like the wall,deportation etc.
We've all heard about the Deep State and how entrenched they have become and now we've seen the temper tantrums they are capable of when someone tries to change the entrenched policies.
Leaks of all kinds,fake leaks,real leaks--all to take power away from DJTrump.When guys like McCain come out to criticize every single Trump decision,you know he's part of the corrosion being poured into this administration.Throw in the FBI,CIA,Congress and media--and you see how daunting a job this is.
Trump,being a guy who likes compliments,has got to be tougher and not worry about the press or Democrats reacting to his policy decisions.
A big F--You to all of them.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Lesta Holt could barely contain himself by declaring,"Donald Trump asked James Comey not to investigate the Michael Flynn case.This appears to many,to be obstruction of justice.
Then Hallie Jackson ripped Trump on the Russian story.
Then Kristin Welker tried to get Republicans like Corker and McConnell to throw Trump under the bus.
was the caption as Welker sounded like a prosecutor making a closing argument.
Andrea Mitchell finished up by saying,"foreign countries can't trust the President",and "Trump has a short attention span."
You think it can't get any worse for Trump--and then today appears.It got worse.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Akso on CNN
‘Obstruction of Justice!’ Toobin Blasts Trump Over Report He Asked Comey to Stop Flynn Investigation
by Justin Baragona | 6:18 pm, May 16th, 2017

It was reported this afternoon by the New York Times that recently fired FBI Director James Comey had been asked by President Donald Trump to end the investigation into ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The news comes out as there are concerns that the president fired Comey due to the Trump/Russia investigation, something Trump seemed to admit to during his interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt.

Following this breaking news, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin claimed that this pretty much shows that Trump is obstructing justice, something that has been brought up more and more when it comes to the Comey firing.

“Three words — obstruction of justice,” Toobin noted. “Telling the FBI director to close down an investigation of your senior campaign adviser for his activities during your campaign for president, if that’s true, that is obstruction of justice.”

Toobin went on, “Why do you think Director Comey wrote a memo to the file about it? Because he was so appalled that a President of the United States would behave in this way.”

Anonymous said...

After watching much of the coverage tonight,the one point I thought was valid was this:If Comey thought,in February,that this Trump conversation was illegal a)he was obligated to bring notice of such illegalities to the DOJ and b)If he didn't notify the DOJ,he must have thought this was NOT illegal.
And here we are with WAPO and NY Times,Negro Nightly News and CNN conducting impeachment trials all evening.
Ridiculous reaction by the crazed media.But what else would you expect these days.I expect to see an image of a rope behind Lesta Holt as he reads tomorrows tripe.
--GR Anonymous