Tuesday, May 16, 2017

White House Says Monday’s Washington Post Story about Trump and Russia was FAKE NEWS

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Democrats’ Putsch Plan Had been Plotted Before Trump Ever Took the Oath of Office.”]


By Nicholas Stix

Note that McMaster refused to take “questions” from the assembled MSM activists/DPUSA henchmen, the second good thing he’s done for the President, the first being his statement.


They’re not asking questions as journalists, but as cross-examining prosecutors, in order to impeach the testimony of whichever Trump administration member is speaking, in order to later use it against President Trump, either in a formal impeachment proceeding, or in order to run him out of office via the 25th Amendment. Look at the two consecutive press briefings Sarah Huckabee Sanders ran in Sean Spicer’s absence last Wednesday and Thursday.

When I caught the Thursday session, I thought I was watching a re-run. An activist/henchman would ask a question, Sanders would answer it, and then the next mope would ask the same question, perhaps with different words.

This is what police detectives and prosecutors do, when they are convinced they’ve got their man, in order to induce him to contradict himself.

They know that Trump didn’t break any laws in firing Comey, so they are trying to fabricate crimes after the fact, by turning the President’s dealings with them into a “cover-up,” à la Watergate.

Normally, the thing to do is:

1. To refuse to answer anymore, and say, “Am I under arrest? Either I’m under arrest, or I’m leaving,” and to get up and lave (or attempt to do so; if the coppers refuse to let you go, you demand your attorney, and refuse to answer any more questions);

2. For one’s defense attorney to strenuously object, every time the prosecutor repeats a question (if the judge is playing for the other team, it may be necessary to take a contempt of court citation, rather than incriminate oneself).

Of course, the present situation is a press briefing, not a stationhouse interrogation, or a court room cross-examination, so the thing to do is:

1. Say, “I already answered that question,” and move on to the next assassin. If the next one repeats the same question, as they were doing on Thursday, repeat what you said to the previous assassin;

2. Once at least three assassins in a row have asked the same question (whether in identical or slightly different wording), one must turn the tables. Ask each assassin in turn, “Why are all of you asking me the same question, over and over again? Are you part of a seditious conspiracy to topple this administration?”;

3. Once one has confronted each assassin in turn, one closes the briefing, with no promise as to any future briefings;

4. One has the option to cease holding press briefings.

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