Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Racists in the Public Schools Exposed!

By “W”

AFT Secretary-Treasurer to Speak on Restorative Justice and Equity
Hosting this press conference in California for the "eye-opening conversation" stated below actually accomplishes what long-term objective? MESSAGE: Don't discipline disruptive non-white students, instead target white students!

N.S.: “Restorative justice” claims to seek justice, but there’s no justice in it. I think tht what it’s really about is treating the blacks and Hispanics who commit the overwhelming majority of crimes in and out of schools as if they were the victims, rather than the perps.

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Richard Fowler

AFT Secretary-Treasurer to Speak on Restorative Justice and Equity

DALY CITY, Calif.—
On Tuesday, AFT Secretary-Treasurer Lorretta Johnson will join with educators, students, parents, anti-bullying activists and community members in Daly City for an honest and eye-opening conversation on school discipline practices, restorative justice and equity in public education. Her visit comes on the heels of a one-year AFT Innovation Fund grant to two Daly City AFT locals to create a corridor of three community schools in their two school districts. The Jefferson Elementary Federation of Teachers represents educators in the Jefferson Elementary School District, and the Jefferson Federation of Teachers represents educators in the Jefferson Union High School District.

Johnson’s visit to the Bay Area is part of the AFT’s work to create a fairer and more just learning and working environment for students, their families and educators. Not too long ago, the AFT became the first public sector and international union in modern history to issue a substantive, action-oriented report on achieving racial equity in America. The report provided a framework for the development of policy in national and state legislation at the school board level and inside the AFT itself.

During her two-day swing through Daly City, Johnson will highlight the effectiveness of restorative justice and positive behavioral interventions and supports, and will also highlight the benefits these programs have had for Daly City students, parents and the entire community.

In addition to joining the conversation with community members, Johnson will also tour a couple schools and will meet with educators, parents, elected leaders and community officials.

WHAT: A Conversation About Restorative Justice & Equity: A Community Prespective
WHEN: Tuesday, May 30, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
WHO: Lorretta Johnson, AFT secretary-treasurer
Shakeel Ali, JESD school board member
Ray Buenaventura, Daly City council member
Iridian Martinez, student activist
Alfredo Olguin, student activist
David Vogelstein, criminal defense attorney
WHERE: Thomas R. Pollicita Middle School library
550 E. Market St.
Daly City, CA 94014


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Anonymous said...

So they found a reason to fire the police officer--lying on his job app.Pretty much no recourse in that instance.New York Times couldn't wait to print that--and I'm sure NNN will have coverage.But I haven't seen ANYTHING,nationally on the Mississippi mass murder of a white sheriff and 7 others by a black terrorist.Not important I guess.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Here's a fascinating video of why police officers cannot trust a black motorist (thug)they have stopped.This one was talking pleasantly to the police,when he abruptly reached for the gun he had hidden and pulled it out.
Police opened fire immediately.
This is why Betty Shelby in Oklahoma had to open fire.You never know what the black is going to do from one second to the next.This one worked out for our GR Police.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Follow-up:NNN did NOT mention the mass murdering Mississippi black,but did a redux on the Portland "racist white".A full report from Miguel Almaguer expounding on how evil this man was,but not a word on an even worse crime by a black.No surprise at all.I'm getting pretty good at this,unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I've been watching the news on this one, the Mississippi shooter did get the standard token mention for negro atrocities on the mainstream outlets but the story was downplayed while the Portland stabbing is on heavy rotation 24/7.