Friday, May 19, 2017

Turkish Passenger on American Airlines Flight Subdued after Trying to Breach Cockpit

By Reader-Researcher RC

Turkish Passenger On American Airlines Flight Subdued After Trying To Breach Cockpit

An American Airlines crew and off-duty Honolulu police officer subdued a man Friday on board a Honolulu-bound flight after he tried to break into the cockpit, ABC and local news report. The flight, which took off from Los Angeles, landed safely about 11:35 a.m. with a military escort. Bloomberg adds that a laptop computer was placed near the cockpit door.


Anonymous said...

Might not even be a Turk. The Islamic State can make perfect passports that defy any sort of check. And carrying the laptop which might contain some sort of explosive device. Don was right.

This too might be a reconnaissance of sorts. See what security finds and how. And how good is the security on the plane too.

Anonymous said...

Heard a lot about this sort of behavior after 9/11. Testing the crew and security. All the time it was said.