Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Snopes Does Damage Control, Spinning Racially Segregated, Harvard Graduation Ceremony as Somehow Not Racially Segregated

By Nicholas Stix


Harvard University is segregating graduation ceremonies based on race in 2017.





Black graduates at Harvard University are holding a separately organized Black Commencement ceremony.

N.S.: In English, “separately organized” by one race for that race, means racially segregated.

At Snopes.


countenance said...

SHOT: Harvard's black-only graduation ceremony isn't segregation because it's both voluntary for the participants and it doesn't actually explicitly exclude non-blacks

(Blogmeister note: If non-blacks tried to show up, I don't imagine they would have had a pleasant reception.)

CHASER: Black people willingly living next to a lot of black people in an urban area with no de jure legal mandates thereto is constantly referred to as "segregation."

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
When blacks segregate themselves it's creating "safe places", though as pointed out by countentance, it wouldn't be safe for a white person to enter those "safe places". When whites segregate they are being racist and if they dared to violently assault a negro entering that space it would be headline news as a hate crime.

Anonymous said...
Speaking of blacks at school,just for fun,here's two black teachers having it out in class.Enjoy.
--GR Anonymous