Thursday, May 25, 2017

VIDEO: Black Female School Employees Caught Fighting over a Man in Classroom in Front of Students

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Published on May 23, 2017


[From Youtube repost.]

Middle school students screamed in science class as a teacher and a staff member got into a fist fight right in front of their desks.

“Everyone was screaming like stop, stop, stop,” A student said.

The brawl happened on May 19 at Stone Mountain Middle School, which is northeast of downtown Atlanta.

A student recorded most of the fight on her cell phone.

The women are throwing punches and pulling hair, and another adult had to get in the middle to break it up.

“From what I think I know the teachers were arguing about a teacher, a male teacher, and they started arguing and it went on for about three to five minutes,” A student said.

CBS46 asked if any of the students were concerned for their safety.

“I would say about two students who were really close to them. One of them was pushed up against the wall because they were so close to hitting her,” A student said.

Julia Berry's daughter was inside the classroom and watched the fight unfold. Berry wants these women fired, saying that they set a horrible example for students.

After the fight was finally broken up, students say school officials came into the classroom, went through their cell phones and made them delete any evidence of it.

“Nobody apologized they just came in and were like who videotaped this and stuff like that,” A student said. “I think they were trying to push it under the rug so nobody would know about it and the school’s reputation wouldn’t be messed up."

The DeKalb County School District says it's not aware of staff going through the student's phones. The communications director did say he would send CBS46 a statement, but only after we sent him a copy of the video so he could review it.

The statement says, in part, for those involved in the fight, "Those staff members that participated in the conduct have been removed from the learning environment. Following our process, DCSD will act swiftly and decisively to hold those employees accountable for their actions."

The school district confirmed that the two employees involved in the incident had been disciplined, but would give details.

After CBS46 kept pressing the school for answers, Berry says Stone Mountain Middle School sent out a letter saying, "Safety and security procedures are in place to help maintain a safe campus. Anyone who creates an unsafe learning environment for our students receive swift disciplinary actions."

“I couldn’t believe it because they’re supposed to be role models, they’re supposed to set an example for us and they always tell us violence is never the answer,” A student said.

CBS46 contacted the chairman of the DeKalb County School Board Melvin Johnson for a statement and he did not respond. We also reached out to the Organization of DeKalb Educators who represent thousands of school system employees and they did not want to comment.

VIDEO: School employees caught fighting in classroom in front of students

Two school employees were caught fighting on camera in a classroom full of students.


countenance said...

I long for the days when black Atlanta women school teachers were merely cheating their asses off on their students' state standardized tests.

Those were simpler times.

Anonymous said...

Are they fired yet? How come blacks are allowed to have a lower standard of behavior? This is disgusting behavior. Blacks always have no problem bringing personal issues into the job.

Look at the student in the lower right hand corner of the footage. He's all jumped up and excited. A true definition of a chimp out.