Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!



The Boss once asked me, “Why do you love me?” Usually, I either ignore that question, or respond, “Whoever said I loved you?”

But that one time, I answered, “Because you’re the mother of my child.”

She liked that.

My chief of research once asked me if I didn’t wish that I’d had a more pleasant, fortunate life before I had him and his mama. I told him that in that event, I’d have never met his mama, and would have married the wrong woman, and had the wrong son.


Nicholas Stix


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Anonymous said...

On the Mostly Slanted Negro Bull Crap network(MSNBC)a professor that I've seen mentioned here,Lawrence Tribe,was on AM Joy around 11:45am today-proclaiming "The impeachment laws were created for situations like this--where the president seeks to obstruct justice."
The caption below the "interview"(actually a mutual admiration society convo)was "Impeachment Talk GROWS".
Then this ridiculous excuse for a host
had a promo for "The Best of Obama's Speeches".I'm not kidding--actual hawking of Obama's b.s. for sale.No pretense of objectivity here.
(Order today and as an added gift,you'll receive an imprint of Joy's big lips on a framed canvas surface for you to hang on your wall.)
Such a deal.

But I was at my moms today,and the only TV station she gets from cable is MSNBC,so I got to see their glut of
Democratic garbage talk for a while.
Ahh the sacrifices I make for Mother's day.
--GR Anonymous