Tuesday, May 16, 2017

PI Hired by Seth Rich’s Family: Rich Had Contacted Wikileaks; In Cover-Up Conspiracy, DC Metro PD Has been Ordered to “Stand Down”


Murder victim Seth Rich

By Nicholas Stix

I’m just telling you about this story. I am neither accepting nor rejecting it.

At The Last Refuge.

I have always been skeptical about the conspiracy theories regarding this case, especially since their supporters have lied since almost the get-go, in asserting that Julian Assange said that Rich had been in contact with him. Assange never said any such thing. (I saw the interview. Assange was a big tease.)

The PI, Rod Wheeler, a black, former DC cop, claims to have sources in the PD and the FBI telling him the information is on a laptop of Rich’s that is in the possession either of the PD or the Bureau (he claims to have been told both at different times).

Maybe he’s telling the truth, maybe he’s blowing smoke, or maybe he’s shaking the trees. (He’s got to do something to justify the money the Rich Family is paying him.) I don’t know the guy, and I have zero independent information.

Lion of the Blogosphere discussed this.

The National Enquirer says the Russians because he knew about their DNC hack. Sounds like something out of the TV series The Americans. I don’t buy it for the simple reason that the deep state wants to pin the DNC hack on the Russians, so if the Enquirer story were true, they would have gone public with that….

Or maybe you believe it was just random NAM violence? NAMs who didn’t bother to take ‘his wallet, gold chain, credit cards or a sizeable amount of cash,’ perhaps because they suddenly got worried about getting caught and ran away immediately after killing him by shooting him twice in the back. Sometimes NAMs just kill for fun and not for any pecuniary motivation.”
As I responded to Lion,

That’s what I figured–“Let’s kill a white boy.”

Like you say, the Russians are unlikely. Hillary would be up to it, but at the time lacked a motive (because all the smart money, plus yours truly, assumed she’d win). As for Metro Police, I don’t know.

When I lack any concrete evidence, I try not to worry my pretty, little head about something like this, given that there are so many other cases where evidence is available.

Of related interest: See “Pizzagate.”

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Anonymous said...

. "Sometimes NAMs just kill for fun and not for any pecuniary motivation.”

Negroes did so in San Fran Freako during the Zebra days of rage.