Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CNN to Lefty Alleged Comedienne Kathy Griffin, “You’re fired!,” over Beheaded Trump Stunt



By Nicholas Stix

I'm sure that Kathy Griffin thought she'd get high fives from her friends at CNN for this stunt, and she probably did. But in this post-comedy age, you never know what's going to get you fired, even if you're a member in good standing of the racist Left.

At the New York Post.


During happier times, a mere five months ago: Working New Year's Eve for CNN with Anderson Cooper, at Times Square

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Anonymous said...

Well now we know the level of poor taste it takes for CNN to draw the line on anti-Trump material.CBS still hasn't drawn the line on Colbert.He can equate Trump and Putin as "fellatio friends" and keep HIS job,so skies the limit it seems for THAT nutwork.
Meanwhile I flipped CBS on this evening to see if it was any better sans Scott Pelley.
Uhhh no.
The Jeremy Christian/Portland attack was rehashed for the FIFTH day.Nothing on the black mass murderer of 8 Mississipians(including one white sheriff),of last Saturday.
I'm not sure who Pelley's replacement was(Jeff somebody)but I had no illusion of any change occurring,just because the lead anchor got sacked.
A quick report on Kathy Griffin getting fired by CNN,but then a follow-up of Griffin getting hired by CBS to replace Pelley as a co-anchor,but only if she brought her Trump head along to do the news with her. (Last paragraph was MY fake news--but the sad truth is,someone in the CBS towers probably brought it up as a plan).
Wait!This Jeff guy just said,"This was the CBS Evening News,with Scott Pelley".
Was he fired or not?
Strange turn of events,to say the least.
--GR Anonymous