Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Motto of the Miss USA Contest: No White Girls Need Apply?


At tonight's ceremony

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 10:20:00 P.M. EDT

And your 2017 #MissUSA (black) is… Miss District of Columbia, Kara McCullough.

GRA: This new crowning of a black Miss USA repeats last year’s event. Two blacks in a row.

Question: Do whites have a chance anymore in national awards shows? If a white wins, all you hear is calls of “racism.” Where are OUR groups to bitch about too many blacks winning, because of reverse discrimination? It’s to the point that you have to think the organization putting on events like this, buckles under a fear of reprisal from BLM and the NAACP—and favors the blacks.

Why would any white girl humiliate herself anymore?

The fix is in.

N.S.: I believe they rig it—and did so under Trump, too—not so much by telling the judges whom to choose, but by picking racist, pc, anti-Christian judges, e.g., Perez Hilton.

In recent years, we see so many less-than stunning black girls win beauty contests, including Miss Universe, in spite of black girls having plummeted in looks. When I was a kid, black girls were so much prettier and shapelier than today. Today, the majority of black girls under 20 are fat; when I was a kid, very few were. Oh, sure, their mothers often were, but that's a different story. Under Jim Snow, black girls' self-esteem has shot up, as they have stuffed their faces with junk food.


Miss District of Columbia, Kara McCullough


Anonymous said...

Miss USA is a parasite.

She "works" for the federal government.

Another beneficiary of "profiling." - Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Unknown said...

It is blatant racism operating in the 2017 miss usa contest. Of the top 10 finalists, half were black, one was Indian and one was a Native American. It is patently obvious that the judges rated contestants on the basis of socio-political preferences and liberal commentary rather than the criteria set down by the contests organizers