Friday, May 26, 2017

A Drop of Justice for Etan Patz


Etan Patz and his confessed killer, Pedro Hernandez

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By David in TN

Pedro Hernandez was retried and convicted in February 2017. A month ago, he was sentenced to “25 years to Life” for the murder of Etan Patz.

For a long time, one Jose Ramos was thought to be Etan Patz's killer. Ramos was a known pedophile who was convicted in Pennsylvania in 1991 for child molestation in that state. He served a 20-year sentence, but is back in prison for not reporting as a sex offender.

Oddly, Hernandez's trial and conviction for what was a high profile murder in its time didn't get much national publicity.

(N.S.: Meanwhile, the MSM give saturation coverage to every anti-white race hoax. Funny, that.)

“Etan Patz – boy on the milk carton – gets justice: Man convicted in 1979 murder”

Etan Patz became one of the most visible symbols for missing children.

David in TN: The low IQ card didn’t work this time.


Anonymous said...
Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 9:20:00 P.M. EDT

Etan didn't even make it to school for his first day. I for some reason think about that all the time.

N.S.: My little boy is now 17, and about four inches taller than me. I took him to school his first day, and I took him to school today, just like every other day. I don’t have any back-up kids.

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Anonymous said...

If Pedro Hernandez killed one innocent little boy he's probably killed others. Their parents could have been drug addicts, negligent, drunks- people too out of it to realize their kid didn't make it back from school that day.

He was in the neighborhood and was probably watching Etan like a hawk. Soho was once a friendly open place with educated creative bohemian type people. Mostly White. Hernandez would not have been part of the scene.

I gave always found and continue to experience delis and convenience stores with male only employees as potentially dangerous places. They could be dealing drugs, holding drugs, running guns or about to be either raided or robbed by less than intelligent armed thugs. I avoid them as much as possible.

I overheard young Spanish males coming to Hernandez's defense. It's already 30 years forget about it. Yes since Pedro is one of the very oppressed class, let's waive that statute of limitations on murder.

What I want to know is Pedro Hernandez an illegal alien? Too bad that there is no death penalty in NY State.