Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Thin-Skinned Trump vs. the Thin-Skinned Deep State

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 5:41:00 P.M. EDT

It's difficult to know what Trump is up against with this bloated government, a government that has become a shell of what it was 30 years ago (as far as leading the country in the right direction goes), and which was THEN a shell of itself from 30 years before that.

It's also difficult to know how sincere Trump was during his campaign and how strongly he felt about the various issues—like the wall, deportation, etc.

We've all heard about the Deep State, and how entrenched it has become, and now we've seen the temper tantrums it is capable of when someone tries to change the entrenched policies. Leaks of all kinds—fake leaks, real leaks—all to take power away from DJ Trump. When guys like McCain come out to criticize every single Trump decision, you know he's part of the corrosion being poured into this administration. Throw in the FBI, CIA, Congress and media—and you see how daunting a job this is.

Trump, being a guy who likes compliments, has got to be tougher and not worry about the press or Democrats reacting to his policy decisions.

A big F—k You to all of them.

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