Thursday, May 18, 2017

An Open Letter to President Trump

By Nicholas Stix

Mercurial, GOP consultant Ed Rollins got a sinecure with some Republican PAC, which got a hold of the eddress of an old friend of mine. The PAC sent a fundraising letter to my friend, with the subject line, “Can I give the President your name?” He responded as follows.

Sure, Ed.

And here's what you need to tell him on my behalf:

1. Stop being such a scatterbrain, like a cat chasing a laser spot.

2. Remember why you ran and why many of us supported you.

More specifically:

3. Cancel The Big Chimp's DACA amnesty NOW, as you promised to do while campaigning. (Disabuse yourself of the notion that these "young" "geniuses" are anything other than illegal-alien freeloaders.)

4. Shut down "refugee" admissions NOW. (The quotation marks are needed -- an enormous fraction of these "refugee" cases is fraudulent.)

5. Put your weight and your attention behind the Cotton-Perdue RAISE Act NOW.

6. Start the move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem NOW.

7. Don't be an idiot -- avoid the ridiculous tar baby known as the "peace process." Let the Palestinian ragheads fry in their own fat.

8. Get Jared Kushner and his wife out of the White House NOW.

9. Read every day.

Thanks, Ed.


Anonymous said...

Always thought Ed Rollins was top notch.Seems like he's eaten a little too much pasta over the years,so he can't move around too well.
The mind is sharp however.Rollins and Buchanan should be whispering advice to DJTrump as often as possible.There should be a hotline from the White House to both men.
Meanwhile in local news,they counted 30 gunshots fired last night,a short distance from my area--maybe a mile.No injuries reported.No doubt it was ze blacks--and poor shooting ones at that.Another unsolved incident in GR.
--GR Anonymous

Quartermain said...

Now if only the Don would read the letter and take it to heart.

Anonymous said...

Totally true occurrence today:
Taking my mom to a doctor's appointment and as we were driving on a busy street,a black hobo(looking like a drug addict)was standing on the corner,holding a cardboard sign.
I said to my mom,"If I knew he would leave the state,I'd stop and give him some money,just to get him out of here.My contribution to improving the area."
She said,"Noooo.He'd use it for something else."
Mom is always right.
That's how I knew my side of town,my block and neighborhood had been invaded by more blacks than I had thought.I'd sit in my car,in my driveway,and blacks would pound on my drivers side window(startling the hell out of me)and ask for money!!!
"Sorry to scare you sir,but do you have extra change?"
The grocery store parking lot had blacks waiting for whites to pull in--to ask them for dough.
"I need gas money.My car ran out of gas."
"Where's your car?"
"Up the street..."
"Nope.Don't have anything extra."
Or they want to trade a EBT card for cash.
I just say no,and keep moving,hoping none of them have guns.

--GR Anonymous