Sunday, May 07, 2017

Video: Racist Black Almost Murders White Woman 40-50 Years Older than Him; Black Witnesses Cheer Him on

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Unfortunately, I do not yet know where this racist hate crime was committed. It is rumored to have been committed near Pompano Beach Florida. If anyone knows, please give me a heads-up.


A tip ‘o the hate.


Anonymous said...

What you see in this vid is likely an example of an increasingly common modus operandi among blacks as the weather gets warmer.
To use New Haven as an example - a town with an especially vicious and generationally-entrenched black population - once the pools open up at more expensive apt complexes in the suburbs, mothers in NH Section 8 will fill-up the hooptie with as many kids as possible, along with coolers, chairs, etc, and simply set-up shop at the nearest 'upscale' complex.
When confronted with residency requirements in order to use the pool, they start howling about 'discrimination', and the 'rights of their children enjoy a pool tool'.
When you've been given everything - housing, food, money - for free, all your life, you certainly have the 'right' to someone else's pool privileges as well.
This happens all over the country these days, and cost a Texas police officer his job recently after responding to the inevitable mayhem that these people bring.
Want something that you don't have? Just take it - Whitey owes it to you anyway.

Anonymous said...

OT- any thoughts on that stupid ferry coming to Rockaway? Have you seen the stops for the FREE ferry shuttle bus? It stops at all the NYCHA projects on the East End. The last one before the ferry is at Beach 88th Street. No one from a mile after can get on the free shuttle bus. If you are on Beach 94th you have to walk all the way to the ferry terminal. Or try to get on the packed Q53 or Q22.

I am dreading the summer in Rockaway. With this ferry shuttle it will be a savage invasion and the free shuttle bus will be another transportation nightmare. I have stopped taking the A express to work in the morning due to constant hostility and violent threats from blacks on the subway.

I suppose the developers and those looking to gentrify think it's a great idea. But what about all the subsidized housing for blacks starting with the Bayview Towers on Beach 98th Street?

Anonymous said...

We're in for a terrible summer. I just hope the justice department will have had enough of a sea change that they will back law enforcement.

I'm no fan of the militarized law enforcement of today but their hands are too tied today.

The Gentle Grizzly

jeigheff said...

To the first Anonymous,

I've seen similar things happen in my "peaceful" north central Austin, Texas neighborhood.

A couple years ago, some mexicans showed up at a local park one Sunday afternoon. Not locals. Besides having a party with women and children present, one guy drove his pick-up truck into the park illegally. As tejano music blasted from the truck, the young turd and his buddies leaned against the truck with their arms folded, silently daring anyone to take them on.

Within the last couple months, a bunch of blacks did the same thing in a neighborhood a mile from ours. They occupied part of another local park with a kid's trampoline (I forget what you call these things; kid crawl in them and bounce around.) They had a cook-out and played basketball. Not so bad, except they also blasted loud music at the surrounding neighborhood.

I observed these things with my own eyes. These scumbag visitors had more in mind than just having a good time with their families at a local park: they went out of their way to fuck with white people in neighborhoods that weren't theirs. They used the pretense of family gatherings to inflict misery on others.

In both cases, I wondered, "What can I do?" Besides calling the police, just about nothing. The folks in my neighborhood or the adjoining neighborhood aren't organized, nor are we antagonistic. So no-one was really ready to take on invaders who showed up unexpectedly.

I'm not proud to write what I've just written. But I knew I couldn't take on these bastards by myself.

God forgive me, but I'm starting to see how the KKK got started. If the enemy is organized, you'd better be organized yourself.