Monday, May 08, 2017

Update on Immigrant Who Butchered Two Boston Doctors


War crime victims Lina Bolanos, 38, and Richard Field, 49

By Reader-Researcher RC

“His ex-girlfriend told the Globe that Teixeira said he was born in Guinea-Bissau and raised in Cape Verde by an aunt, with whom he moved to the Boston area. Before moving to Chelsea, Teixeira had lived in homeless shelters and in Cambridge, she said.”

At the Boston Globe.


Suspected war criminal Bampumim Teixeira


Anonymous said...

What was his immigration status? And how after convictions for two bank robberies was he even still in the country? This is the type of guy Don has in mind when he wants to send them all back.

Anonymous said...

The doctor was an immigrant, from Colombia, surprised you didn't blame her. And her fiancee for knowing both immigrants.

Anonymous said...

That effing Lesta Holt put this story on NNN,but instead of having a full screen photo of the killer glaring at the TV audience(as he always does with a white perp),today--nothing.
Holt then passed off to a reporter.The reporter didn't show the black butcher's mugshot,but instead,a video of him in a hospital bed being interrogated by police.
Then,for the zillionth time in a row,"THEY"(@NBC)decided that their inspirational story of the night would be another black--this time David Price of Boston's Red Sox.They also put Price's black father and white mother on air.You'd have to see Price's father to believe it.What was the white woman thinking?She was attracted to THAT?
I Googled a search to find out if NBC had a place to comment on the Negro Nightly news.I know ABC has a site for that,but NBC must know better--they definitely do not.
So no whites are inspirational.I turned the channel to CBS just in time to catch their "people story"--about a black immigrant cop--who looked just like the killer of the two anesthesiologists.
What a coincidence.
And that's the news for today.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Don't forget where else he lived--the hoosegow.