Sunday, January 01, 2017

Twitter’s Censorship and Fraud are Out of Control!

By Nicholas Stix

Whenever you’re about to “like” or re-tweet a twit, you have to check the “before” numbers. While sometimes there’s no problem, I have increasingly had the experience of “liking” something, and Twitter reducing the number. I then have to “like” the twit a second time, just to get it back to its original number.

I repeatedly sought to “like” and re-tweet the foregoing twit, but was stopped dead in my tracks each time. I then repeatedly sought to tell him about what Twitter was doing, but each time was stopped from doing so.


Anonymous said...

The pressure is on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Even the most innocuous entry can set off a wave of protest. Zuck in particular seems to really believe in free speech but is finding all sorts of heat from all directions. From the left direction of course.

Zelda said...

FYI Nicholas, The CEO of Twitter is big Black Lives Matter supporter. Otherwise, I hope you're doing well.