Friday, January 27, 2017

Could Trump DOJ Drop Federal Persecution of Michael Slager?

By Nicholas Stix

[Most recently, at, on the ordeal of Michael Slager:

“Mistrial in Michael Slager Case Grounds for Restrained Celebration—Yet Much Concern.”]

Former North Charleston, SC policeman Michael Slager’s first state murder trial was declared a mistrial on December 5, due to a hung jury. (The jury was hung on the voluntary manslaughter charge that incompetent prosecutor, Solicitor Scarlett Wilson requested after both sides had presented their respective cases, and that biased, black Judge Clifton Newman granted, in order to try and save the case for the prosecution. The jury rejected the murder charge from the get-go.)

Slager’s state retrial, which was initially scheduled for May 1, has now been pushed back to August 28, due to scheduling conflicts of expert witnesses for the defense.

Slager’s federal civil rights trial is still officially scheduled to begin on May 1. I hope to be present to cover one of the trials for, but it is difficult to plan, when there are so many kangaroo trials, and their dates are in flux.

Retrial Date Set For Michael Slager
Jan 24, 2017 6:00 A.M. EST

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — A prosecutor in South Carolina says she was stunned by an “off the cuff” remark she heard that President Donald Trump’s administration might consider dropping federal charges against a police officer also charged with murder in state court.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson told reporters outside a courtroom Tuesday that she doesn’t know if it is a realistic possibility that federal charges against Michael Slager might be dropped. But she says she has to pay attention to what the president’s people say.

Authorities say Slager shot and killed black driver Walter Scott in the back as he ran from a traffic stop in North Charleston in April 2015.

A judge ruled Tuesday that Slager’s retrial on a state murder charge will now start August 28, three months after the federal case is set to start.


Anonymous said...

The price of house,property and auto insurance just quadrupled lol.Fire insurance is unobtainable.If President Trump does that...more police and national guard will be needed pronto.But I'm in favor of it.

Anonymous said...

I am unsure about this. Slager was being tried in state court? An acquittal again in state court would be followed by a federal prosecution [persecution] then?

Did Slager even use the word nigger once? That is enough to lock you away forever.

Nicholas know this stuff?