Thursday, January 26, 2017

Media See Through Trump! Branco Political Cartoon

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Anonymous said...

I've got to quit watching TV Part 2
If it isn't Oprah selfishly interjecting herself into the life of Mary Tyler Moore,it's the news.
Took a break from Scott Pelley today,and let Lesta Holt get under my white skin.The topic today was sanctuary cities and "the Wall".Of course it's a given that the networks will try to decimate any Trump idea as soon as possible--and as often as possible.
For the Wall,Hallie Jackson (I believe)gave her usual snide view of Trumps opinion that Mexico would pay for it in some fashion.
Sanctuary cities was brought up with a question.Why do we have sanctuary cities?
ANSWER:So that illegal immigrants cannot be turned over to the Feds--and deported--for being illegal.
Why would a city want to prevent illegals from being arrested by the Feds?
"So that people who are illegal,will feel comfortable enough,to report criminal activity by other illegals to police."
Okay,insert laughtrack here.
Are we supposed to believe this is a serious reason to refrain from arresting illegals?
We know for a fact that BLACK LEGAL CITIZENS do not report crimes to police or cooperate with police after being a victim of black crime themselves!!!
I lived next to criminal legal Mexicans and KNOW they are of the same mindset as blacks.To put forth the proposition,illegal Mexicans would EVER squeal on a fellow illegal is totally laugh inducing.
Next reason please?NBC?Let's have it make sense this time.
--GR Anonymous