Monday, January 30, 2017

Moslems Commit Mass Murder in Canada, so “You Need to Denounce Trump”: This is What the MSM Considers Journalism Today

By Nicholas Stix

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N.S. Someone responded to Honan something like, So this is what passes for journalism these days?

P.S. BuzzFeed published the hoax "Russian" report on Donald Trump.

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Anonymous said...

Trump is to blame? Sure. That is what they are going to say for at least the next four years and perhaps way beyond that. Trump is to blame for everything. If not Don then Barron then.

Anonymous said...

One muslim and one other Middle east terrorist IDed this am.Nice job with the headline.Was that an educated guess?
This seems similar to the black church burnings that were done by BLACKS,in order to put whites on the defensive.This would have brought the same result against Trump--except the suspects were captured immediately.In effect,the media can't blame Trump for this one.They were barely talking about it today after the names were released.DAMN CON ARTISTS!!!
--GR Anonymous