Saturday, January 28, 2017

Video: Hear President Trump’s Weekly Address (Only 2:20 Long!)

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Anonymous said...

Well,after an evening of reading reports from,USA and others,an unprepared person could think that Trump just committed genocide tonight with his executive order banning Muslims from 9 countries.With amped up descriptions of mass hysteria and outrage,the insane anti-American forces(media and ACLU types)returned fire against our patriotic president.
What this all really boils down to--in my mind--is this:
The country sucks and a large group of people want it to stay that way or devolve even more.These libs have had it their way for a long time.In fact,I'm sure that many people don't remember the United States I remember.They have grown up in this lax,everything goes era of political correctness and behavioral decline.Trump is challenging this,and the sparks are flying from these spoiled brats almost in a reflexive manner.
A lot of the decline in our country comes from the increase in population growth of blacks and Mexicans.With crime,poor productivity and no education to speak of,they are unable to contribute the way whites did for 200 years.
They are abysmal citizens.But the liberals love them for their votes.
President Trump has a lot to change--mostly the mindset of his opponents who think,"This is good enough","This is fine,the way it is--don't change one iota of everything we've ruined the last 50 years."
It looks like Trump is going to try to do it and I can't help but smile.I'm not sure if he can turn the clock back--even one minute--but at least he's making an effort.For that alone,I feel my vote was not wasted in November.
--GR Anonymous