Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Video, Which in 24 Seconds Lays Bare the Genocidal Evil of the DPUSA: Sally Boynton Brown: “My Job is to Shut Other White People Down”: Racist White Candidate, on All-Racist Panel of Candidates for DNC Chairmanship


Democrats: What lost us this election?

DNC: I know, I know. We didn’t bash white people enough.

N.S.: "I can't do it, without y'all"? That is so fake!

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Anonymous said...

To show you how ridiculous these so called "late night comedy"shows are becoming,Seth Meyers has Ta-Nehisi Coates as his main guest tonight.Gee Wally,I wonder what THEY'RE going to talk about?
Looks like another Seth show without laughs again.
--GR Anonymous