Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sen. Kamala Harris (ZANU-PF-CA) Has Her Priorities Straight—Queering the CIA! (Video)



Harris is the Soledad O’Brien of American politics: She’s only 25% black, yet she calls herself “African-American.” She’s 50% Indian, and calls herself “Indian-American.” But she refuses to identify the other 25% of her racial heritage. What is her deep, dark secret? Could it be that she is white?! Harris is no more "black" than I'm an Irishman.

Harris is allegedly the spawn of brilliant parents (her late, Indian mother was a cancer researcher, and her Jamaican father was an economics professor), yet she has inherited only their radical leftwing politics.



Anonymous said...

Before there was Harris [ZANU-PF-Ca] there Holder [ZANU-PF]. ZANU-PF. Truth was never more clear. First we had Boxer, then we Diane, now we KAMALA!

For two decades or so probably. Maybe more.

There used to be a professional wrestler called Kamala the Five-hundred pound Ugandan giant.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I looked up Ms. Harris father and he is Donald Harris, a University prof who is indeed a dark skinned black man. Her mother is Indian, but what's interesting is that her mother has a darker complexion than she does. How did she end up looking so white when her father was black? Was there any genetic testing done to prove Mr. Harris was indeed her bio father? I suspect she doesn't even want to know because she might find out she's not as black as she thinks she is and way whiter than she wants to be. It's chic nowadays to be ashamed of having any white in you. This attitude is illustrated in the Youtube link I'm sending.

Ever watch "The Real"? Ha ha, do I really need to ask that on this blog? No, I really don't watch it either, not any more than I watch "The View", morning talk shows filled with stupid racist women of color and self hating white women talking about inane subjects for a shallow audience that doesn't want to be challenged in any way. However, I did stumble onto one episode on "The Real" where they took genetic tests to find out where "they came from". Notice they all freak out when they find out they have white in them. Everything else is "cool" but being white is like finding out they got the "debil in dem". No ladies, the only reason you have achieved room temperature IQ's is because you have white in you.
The link is to pt. 2 of this episode, look to the right panel if you want to watch the other parts.
Note that not one of these bell curvers grasps the differences between race, culture and ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

"they took genetic tests to find out where 'they came from'. Notice they all freak out when they find out they have white in them. Everything else is 'cool' but being white is like finding out they got the 'debil in dem'."


I think Oprah did something like this for herself. She said she wanted to be a Zulu but the results were rather disappointing.

Anonymous said...


Here it is on Oprah. West African and not Zulu.

It also states very cool to have some American Indian inside of you. Sure!!

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Too bad Oprah wasn't a Zulu, she would have gotten to experience the great ancestral Zulu tradition of having her clitoris mutilated. One of the wonderful cultural traditions still being practiced in Africa and exported worldwide, somehow it persists despite Western efforts to stamp it out. Yes, be black and proud Oprah, feminist you claim to be, though somehow the evil white man, who won't let you in those upscale boutiques after closing time is way more important than the mass mutilation of little black girls.

I apologize to the readers for putting the thought of Oprah's (shudder)va-heena in their minds. Sometimes we have to suffer a little in order to make a point.

Kyra Nelson said...

People need to start picking up the discarded cups of these fools- then we can find out the truth.