Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Yes, I will be at the review stand at the inauguration and I am going to kill President-elect Trump... what are you gonna do about it Secret Service?": Clinton Family Friend Charged After Threatening to Kill Donald Trump on Twitter

By Reader-Researcher RC

At Zero Hedge.


Jim-Jim said...

There should be open-air prisons in northern Alaska for all these nutters. Isn't the climate supposed to be getting warmer up there?

Anonymous said...

Let the prisoners mingle amongst the wolves and other large animal life.
Today January 20th,Donald J Trump gave a speech that the media hated--in otherwords--it was classic Trump AND great.The media groused about non-optimism permeating the Inaugural address.This was for two reasons.The Trump theme was that Washington politics in general,and obama specifically were a failure because they cared more for globalism than America.It ripped into medias favorite boy,obama and they were insulted personally.And they objected.
Secondly,Trump gets to the point and doesn't BS like politicians do.Puppydogs and flowers are not part of his personae.To embrace reality,media would have to admit Obama was a failure and that "crime,drugs and gangs"are infesting our cities.Not what media likes to report.
Good luck Mr Trump,I felt you were speaking to me personally.
--GR Anonymous