Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Opening (Theme and Video)

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The Mary Tyler Moore Show opening (with different clips)


Uploaded on Jan 25, 2011

This is an opening to TMTMS I made for a powerpoint presentation at school and I thought it was cool. So here ya go!


Anonymous said...

Pure early 70s style theme song.Similar to the "Courtship of Eddie's Father"...or "Sugar Sugar".Very mellow pop.

Anonymous said...

Guess who hosted the Colored Broadcasting System's "Mary Tyler Moore Retrospective"?.
I'd never have guessed.
Fuc*ing Oprah Winfrey and her gf Regina King.As Mel Allen used to say,"How about THAT?"
We got to see how Oprah liked to watch MTM,clips of Oprah and Mary AND Oprah taking the place of Mary in the opening "Love is all around us" scenes.
Regina King interviewing fat effing Oprah about what Mary meant to her.
What shit.
(I've got to quit watching TV).
--GR Anonymous