Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Berlin Wall: The “Anti-Fascist Protection Wall”


Chicago guy said...

It's too bad a wall became necessary but it's the fault of the Mexican government and the greedy 1% on both sides who financially benefitted from all this. The Mexican government has always been pretty much a mafia. They'll do nothing for their citizens put out of work except try to get rid of them by sending them northwards. The US was their safety valve. The videos of people streaming across the border in unending droves were astonishing to look at, bringing home the sheer volume of people coming across. They've been lying about the number, using the same old number of 11M illegals for the past 15 years as though nothing has changed. The illegals have overflowed the welfare offices and schools all over the country as anyone willing to even look with their own eyes can tell. The whole thing has been totally out of control for many years now.

Anonymous said...

I wish Trump could investigate all the illegal aliens working in for NYC Civil Service. Terminate their employment. Put American Citizens in those jobs, not people from the Caribbean, Pakistan, Nigeria, China, who openly hate and despise Americans and this country. Let them complain about their own countries if they hate Americans and America so much . The MTA, NYCHRA, NYCDHS, NYC HPD, NYCDOB, NYCHA all of these agencies have 80 to 95% Caribbeans getting a paycheck. Also, investigate their unions that help these people to do the bare minimum. Due to the terrible conditions on the subway I no longer have any regard for unions. The unions are why the fares keep going up. DC 37, the Union for HRA- what you know as welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and the Library clerks should be investigated for corruptions. What a waste of our tax dollar.

I wish he would stop the gravy train of government benefits to illegal aliens. That will send them back home fast. AND do not automatically make any child born in the USA a citizen. The Chinese and Africans have destroyed that right for many others.

Anonymous said...

The news today,as seen by the media,is all about the Trump ban on immigration from 9 countries.Lawsuits by the ACLU,plus a report that a Muslim woman tried to overdose "to avoid going back to her country".
So the heat will be on Trump NOT to cave in.The sympathy for people trying to avoid going back will be narrow,but intense.Suicide attempts,in this case,are political statements and strategic.
Chaos is trying to be dredged up to counter Trump.Let's see how far this goes.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I'm amazed by the comments over the weekend by McCain,Graham and the Koch brothers,among others.You'd expect the
garbage-y feedback from Hillary Clinton and Schumer--and we got it.
But repubs?Maybe not repubs,or maybe not intelligent repubs.
MY stance is,the more Muslims you keep out,the better.Why can't they get along with their own people?Why don't they fix their own country?It's not like the US,where blacks and whites are as different as night and day.We can see why those two ethnic groups don't and won't get along.But Syrians are Syrians,Jordanians are Jordanians etc.Yet the civil wars never stop.If they can't get along with themselves,how can they get along with us?
Besides that,the more of them you import into America,the more seeds are planted for future takeover--as has happened in London.A Muslim mayor of London--can you believe it?
So I look at the long view and want America to keep out Muslims for demographic reasons.Keep the Mexicans out.Let California secede--that's a lost state.Give whites a chance to reproduce and regain its majority population numbers.THAT would,by itself,make America great again.
--GR Anonymous